Over the past 15 years, we have developed an extensive network of international colleagues and affiliates who use our products and support the development of our exercises. Many are exclusive representatives of our products and tools and have translated or reset the game in their locales.

We are fortunate to include these people as our friends and most pleased that they find our products and approach to be useful within their own consulting and training businesses.


We have a number of collaborating organizations throughour India, offering both large event deliveries as well as consulting and train the trainer programs.


Our Japanese associates, Work Happiness, have done a complete Japanese resetting of
The Search for The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine. This exclusive version of the exercise is called

The Search for the Gold of Zipangu

It is set in Northern Japan and was redesigned specifically as a team building and leadership development program for the Japanese marketplace. They are an exclusive licensee of our products in Japan and has trained thousands of people in Zipangu.

They have been delivering this exercise since 2003, incorporate it into a number of course offerings,
and have an outstanding client list.

Contact them at their website at www.workhappiness.co.jp

Switzerland, and Liechtenstein, Germany, Italy and France

Our Swiss colleagues have been using the exercise with clients in Switzerland and are able to deliver programs throughout Europe. They have our only licensed German exercise and are planning the development of the programme into Italian and French.

You can find them on the web at http://www.gamesolution.ch or click here to see information specifically about their use of Lost Dutchman

Contact Franco Cavallini at franco.cavallini@gamesolution.ch


Dan Bertaneu and his colleagues at United Business Development, doing business as AchieveGlobal Romania, are new to the Dutchman game but are fitting it smoothly into their existing products for organizational improvement. They can support the exercise with a superb, friendly and experienced staff and integrate the exercise into a variety of business improvement programs.

Diana Rosetka is the General Manager and you can reach her at diana.rosetka@achieveglobal.ro or by telephone at (0040) 374 014 433

Their website is at www.achieveglobal.ro is http://www.humaninvest.ro

Singapore (and Hong Kong)

Robin Speculand in Singapore has worked with us closely for over 10 years and has delivered Dutchman in a number of Asian venues. We can recommend him as well as his work very highly.

He has recently published Bricks to Bridges, a book on implementing strategies for organizational improvement as well as his newest book, "Beyond Strategy." Useful tools.

You can reach him by emailing robin@bridgesconsultancy.com or calling (65) 6344-4706

Visit his website at http://www.bridgesconsultancy.com/

People's Republic of China

My good friend Michael Nelson is an American who has been living in China for many years and has recently relocated to Beijing. Formerly working in training and development with Nokia, he has closely collaborated with me on what are The Silk Road Series of exercises. The first of these is his adaptation of Dutchman into

The Silk Road Adventure! - The Search for The Gold of Loulan

We have a number of our other exercises available for delivery, including South China Sea Quest and Everest!

We've run this in a couple of different versions. Michael can also deliver the Pro Version of Dutchman in Chinese and English, simultaneously, which makes for a very interesting cross-cultural team building event.

Reach Michael Nelson by clicking here

We have associates worldwide who are capable of delivering the exercise for you or supporting your purchase. Click on a link below to get more information about who they are and what they offer, noting that I do not often update this information. Some of these will link to other websites and some will send me an email for a response:



Mexico Spain



The Netherlands



Hong Kong

New Zealand Switzerland

Dubai and Mideast


Singapore Taiwan


Malaysia (KL) South Africa Argentina

We have a variety of different versions available in many languages as well as alternate game settings.
And, we can customize things for you if you like.

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