by Sherry Herman C1999


Like many people marketing on the web, I spend hours every day -- reading ads and offers from other people, checking out interesting and informative Web Sites, corresponding via e-mail, as well as seeking techniques and tools to promote my business. I usually enjoy myself and increase my knowledge of the Web.

Too bad that in terms of effective marketing, I am totally wasting my time.

Unfortunately, not one minute spent doing these informative, educational, and pleasurable activities counts towards what must be done on a daily basis to successfully promote a product, service, or networking business on the Web.

An Internet venture - like any business or job - can gobble up all your time and energy...unless you keep your perspective. The task expands to fill the time you have to complete it. Only by FOCUSING ON THOSE CRITICAL BEHAVIORS THAT INCREASE YOUR BOTTOM LINE, can you keep your life in balance.

Avoid the possibility that some day, when there is a power failure, you look around only to find yourself alone in a dust-ridden room; with unrecognizable, icky things growing in the refrigerator; the goldfish dead; friends and family long gone; the car towed; and a note on the door from a stranger cursing you for neglecting the dog.

You can avoid this pitiful state.

**You can carefully and successfully market your business on the Internet in 5-10 hours a week.

**You can market it even better in 10-20 hours every week.

**You can be very successful investing 20-30 hours per week.

To thrive on the Internet at all, you must focus on and do the CRITICAL BEHAVIORS. These behaviors are determined by your goals. Most likely, you want to market a product, service, or MLM.


Here are the steps to help identify what the specific critical behaviors are for your business. Decide:

1. How many sales or new clients/members do you want every week?

2. How many leads do you need every week to make these sales or obtain these clients?

3. What actions do you take to get these leads?

4. When do you take these actions?

5. How often do you take these actions?

6. What are the results of each action?


When you have identified the critical behaviors needed for your business to succeed, you simply repeat them over and over.

* Do more of the actions that work.

* Keep testing to improve what works.

* Modify or eliminate what doesn't work

* Follow-up with existing leads.

* Show benefits to your leads

* Close

* Repeat as often as necessary


Then Just Set Up A Schedule. Repeat the Critical Behaviors. Test and Improve the Marketing Techniques That Work. Modify or Replace Those That Don't Work.

Only those actions which bring in sales, clients, or new members count as critical behaviors. Powering up your computer doesn't count. Checking out your competition doesn't count. Organizing your office, desk or records doesn't count. Only the time that you invest in acquiring leads and closing them counts towards doing the critical behaviors.

That's where you must invest your precious 5-10 hours or 10-20 hours, or 20-30 hours a week to build your business.

You may do many additional things - you probably will have to at first - but don't count that as time towards doing the critical behaviors - because it isn't. Critical behaviors are those that add to your bottom line.

Nothing else can count when you are tracking them and the time involved.

Tom Hopkins, the master sales trainer, says that even champion sales people spend an inordinate amount of time avoiding doing what gets results. If you can avoid this trap, you can make money on the Internet and still keep a life.

Tied in with these steps, is the concept of a pipeline. When they started putting liquid in the Alaska pipeline, nothing came out of the other end for quite a while. However, after the pipeline was filled - and for as long as they continued to put liquid in at the beginning (and for a, limited time afterwards) - fuel continued to come out the other end.

To keep your pipeline full of inquiries and leads, take action to fill it every day. Eventually, you will have a steady stream of prospective customers and clients coming out the other end on a daily basis.

Then, you must stay in contact with your leads. It takes from 4 - 8 contacts before most people actually buy a product, pay for a service, or join a networking company.

There are many ways to generate leads. These include (but are not limited to):

Classified Ads Free And Paid Your Own Classified Ad Site E-zine Advertising Giving Away Premiums Like Vacations, Greeting Cards, Contests, Drawings, Etc. Banner/Link Exchanges E-mailing (these are rocky shores, beware!) FFA Pages Search Engine Submissions Opt-in Lists News Groups

All of these promotional methods work some of the time. Some are free and relatively slow. Others may cost you. If you have a low budget, or you want to test - free methods are great. Eventually, you will probably move to some form of paid advertising. By tracking your results, you can determine which methods work best for you.

Just remember that if one promotional method produces twice as much profit as it costs, this is a good thing. If you can tweak it so your method pulls three, four, or five times the profit as the cost, you have a real winner ... Run with it!

Those methods that work in free arenas, possibly will work even better in paid venues. Test small, then go large.

One final suggestion. As much as possible, you want to automate what you are doing. If things run on auto pilot you can make money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week even while you sleep.

There are a world of tools that are free or inexpensive that you can use to automate everything from submission of ads and URLs, to automatic response to and follow up of inquiries, to on-line acceptance of payment by check or credit card, as well as delivery of the product or service. E-mail me, and I'll be happy to send you a list of ones I use in promoting my business.

Once your business is profitable enough, you can begin to outsource certain tasks to others. Keep your limited time focused on the critical behaviors. Pay a family member, a friend, or a local high school student to do some of the grunt work for you and free up more of your time.

Remember, to keep your pipeline full and your business functional, you need to do four things every day:

1. Take steps to generate leads

2. Stay in regular communication with the leads you have - develop a positive, good relationship with them

3. Emphasize benefits to your leads

4. Close your leads


The Internet is a very distracting place. There is no doubt that an excellent full or part time income can be made on the Web if you stay focused.

You wanted a home based business to have both TIME and FINANCIAL FREEDOM. To keep your life in balance, stay focused on doing the CRITICAL BEHAVIORS, automate as much as possible, outsource what you can, and maintain perspective.

It has been a few years and we have not had any contact.

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