The Easiest Thing You Can Do To Dramatically Increase Sales on the Internet

By Robert Imbriale, Business Coach

I want to tell you about something that you can do that is so simple you'll wonder why you hadn't already thought of it! Yet it is so powerful that it can increase your Internet sales by more than 250%!

Have I gotten your attention yet?

Great! Let's get right to the point. Do you accept orders on your Web site? Surprisingly, I find many companies that have spent thousands of dollars on a great-looking Web site, do everything but the one thing their users really want and need most - take orders!

Some companies will tell me that they put up their site, not to make sales, but to increase awareness of their products. Or they may tell me that their site is not about selling, but about customer support. While I agree that these things are vital, the fact of the matter is that if you intend to make any money at all on the Web, you must take orders on your Web site!

And here's the catch. Using a telephone number is good, but it doesn't beat allowing your customers to place an order without having to log off the Internet to free up their phone line so that they can make the call to place their order. From my experience, I get the majority of my orders overnight! At times when my phone lines are not answered by a live operator!

So here's your assignment - make sure your Web site is designed to make the sale and have a way for your users to place their orders. It sounds so simple, and it really is too. And once you do set up your online ordering system, you will see your sales increase because the ultimate goal of all marketing is to make the buying process as simple as possible.

Online ordering is an art form in itself. Think about this for a moment. Your prospect is at a critical stage when they decide to place an order with you. Almost any little thing can make them cancel their order, so it's important that you follow these simple guidelines when creating your online ordering system.

First, write the sales copy for your order form at the same time you write the sales copy for your Web site. Why write it at the same time? So that you maintain the same voice and passion in your writing.

I always begin my order form copy with the word "Yes!" Then I reiterate the offer with words like " I want to succeed now! Please send me my copy of your book entitled, Internet Marketing Secrets."

Then I make certain to mention all the bonus items you will receive when you place your order. It sounds something like this, "In addition, I understand that will also receive the following BONUS ITEMS, FREE OF CHARGE, along with my copy of your book." Then I'll simply list those items again usually using a bold typeface so that they stand out.

The last part of the copy tells your customer when they can expect delivery. It looks something like this, "Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery."

Next, I build the actual order form that will appear on my Web site. Out of all the Web designing tools out there that I have used, I have not been able to find a single one that handles the creation of forms effectively. If you are going to work hard at anything, focus on the copy that you will use on your order form, not the creation of the form itself!

After much research, I found a little-known secret that I will share with you right now. There is a software program out there that allows you to create extremely good looking order forms ( as well as any other form you'll ever need) in minutes. It's called IO Wizard and you can download a free trial version by visiting

Using this program, I immediately created every order form I needed for my Web site. and I didn't have to write even one line of code. I like that because programming is not where I make my money. I am a marketer and I make my money selling products over the Internet. This program is will even make it simple to design forms for many products, and will even create all the code you'll need to have credit card orders automatically authorized over the Internet.

If your volume of orders is sufficient, this little advantage can save you hours a week, and will also eliminate bad credit cards from your orders. I don't usually go on and on about any one particular software program, but this one is revolutionary in many ways. It is well worth your time and effort to look into.

There is quite a bit in this one package, including free use of their secure server for life. What this means is that once you create your order forms, upload them to the IO Wizard server and in minutes you will have an active, secure order form that is live and ready to take orders. A simple link from your Web page to your form is all that is required to use this service. I use this system to process my own orders and it has worked flawlessly for me since the day I set it all up

Keep in mind that your forms should also be easy to use. They should have fields that are long enough for the information you request and you should always keep in mind that you will get orders from international clients. Realize this; the entire world has access to your Web site and there are many countries around the world who are just dying to get their hands on American products.

One thing you must do is test your forms as you put them up on your Web site. Where will the information be sent after the form is submitted? Are you going to have the credit cards sent for approval codes prior to the orders being forwarded to you? Fill out your form using various names and addresses and by ordering different combinations of your products. Submit the forms and check what you get back. Do this until you are getting exactly what you want.

Another enhancement that is also free with IO Wizard is the updated script that is so commonly used to process forms on your Web site. They are giving it away free with your purchase of IO Wizard. This enhanced script will make the information that comes back to you from your Web orders look much more like a real order form, again saving you time in fulfilling your Internet orders.

When you are sure the forms are working to your satisfaction, (and you have tested them many times) then make them live on your Web site.

I direct all my clients to buy IO Wizard because it is the most innovative and the easiest system I have ever found to create forms for order processing, surveys, subscriptions, information requests, of whatever form they need. . In fact, you can have powerful, active, and secure order forms on your Web site in less than 20 minutes! I know that this is possible because that's how long it took me to create my order forms on my Web site.

There is one last thing you must do in order to insure that your ordering system is the best it can be. I love to congratulate my new customers for their purchase, so at the end of the order form, I always write the word, "Congratulations!" It helps make your new customer feel like they have made the right choice by buying from you. You may also have a few words here about when they can expect to see their order.

These guidelines may seem very simple, but I assure you they will have an incredible impact on your Internet sales. Some of my clients have seen as much as a 250% increase in sales in less than 90 days!

I suggest that you don't wait another minute. Go get your free trial of IO Wizard, write some powerful order form copy, and add your new form to your Web site. Then all you have left to do is write to me to tell me how happy you are now that you are really making money on the Internet!


Robert Imbriale is an internationally recognized Business Coach, Speaker, Copywriter, and Author of "Internet Marketing Secrets." He has helped countless businesses become more successful under his guidance. IO Wizard is a copyrighted trademark of Can Do Applications, Inc., 510-652-0828

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