How To Get on the Web And Make Money Fast!

By Robert Imbriale, Business Coach

Ahhh, the big promise of fortunes on the Internet. Thats right, youve heard how easy it is to make money on the Internet many times before and now I want to show you how to make it a reality!

I truly believe that the Internet represents the single most powerful marketing medium ever created, but you do have to know a few things about how to harness the marketing power of the Internet before some of those fortunes can be yours.

So where do you begin? Well, if you already have a business and are looking to market on the Internet, the transition will be rather simple for you. If you are planning to start a business, the first thing youll need is a product to sell. There are really only two things to keep in mind here.

First, get a product that appeals to the masses and second, make sure that product is something your clients will have to buy from you again and again as they use your product or service. If you can get this product at a low enough cost so that when you sell it you can make at least 50% profit, you are on the right track.

The next thing you are going to need to do is to have a web site developed. Now this is where things can quickly get a little tricky. There are two very distinct and very different camps or schools of thought about how to build a Web site.

The first camp is that of the technical guys who know every nook and cranny of the Internet and can program every funky new feature into your web site with their eyes closed! These guys are technically astute, but ask them about marketing and theyll immediately turn white!

The second camp is that of the marketer. These folks can sell ice in the winter but know very little about how the Internet works, or what can be done and what cant be done on the Web. Theyll tell you exactly what has to happen in order for you to sell a particular product or service over the Internet.

Thats great!

But heres the problem; the technical guys will be quick to tell you it cant be done and proceed to douse you with trance-inducing technical terms unto you are left with no other choice but to give in to their lack of marketing creativity!

So there you are, product in hand, with a great marketing program and no way to execute it on the Internet because your tech guy tells you it just cant be done! Or, maybe you are working with a great technical guy who creates a great-looking Web site for you but leaves with a very weak, or even non-existent, marketing program to work with.

In either case, you will likely fail to make any money on the Internet. This happens much more often than you might think. In fact, I get at least a dozen calls a month on just such issues!

What you need is one guy that can bridge the gap between the technical side and the marketing side. Now, it may be easier to put a man on the moon than find one of these people, but its worth the effort! Heres why:

As both a marketing guy and a technical guy, what I have been able to do is seamlessly bridge the gap that exists between the techies and the marketers. And its critical to be able to do so in order to be successful on the Web.

The result of what I have been doing is a client-centered marketing powerhouse that makes full use of the best marketing tools available today on the Internet. What happens next is that your Web site brings in business over and over again.

Now youll need some powerful marketing copy that will sell your products to the people that will visit your Web site. This comes easy for me as my copy is often published internationally, and at last count, is translated in as many as 16 languages worldwide.

If you are not a copywriter, now is not the time to try your hand at! The Web is chock full of bad copy that just doesnt sell. Pay the price to get it done right the first time. The money you will make in just the first 30 days alone will more than pay for the cost of getting great copy professionally written.

In the area of graphics, the best thing you can do is to keep it simple. If you are working with a technical person, or even a graphics person, they will automatically tell you that you need fancy graphics or your Web site wont sell anything! If you hear those words, or something to that effect, run, dont walk away from those people!

If your Web pages are graphics-heavy it will take a long time to load and the person trying to reach your Web site will more than likely hit the next site on their list instead of waiting for your Web page to display. In other words, dont spend a whole lot of time and money on graphics. Save the fancy graphics for when everybody has high-speed Internet access and download time are instantaneous.

Heres a great thing to keep in mind. The most important thing you want your Web site to do is display a powerful, benefit-centered headline. If you remember back to some of my other articles, youll remember that clearly 80% of the power of any sales letter, display ad, postcard, radio or television commercial is in the headline. So why would it be any different on the Web? Its not!

Make your headline powerful and grabbing so that the prospect will want to spend time reading all the copy on your Web site. What I really like to do is use the same headline as I did in whatever media I used to get the prospect to visit my web site in the first place! This way there is no question in the prospects mind that they have come to the right place.

At this point, lets suppose that you have your Web site done. It has a powerful headline, great marketing copy, and you have a product that many people will order once they know how great it really is. What you need now is an order form so that your prospects can order from you immediately. The key word here is immediately.

Your order form must begin with powerful marketing copy that further reinforces your prospects decision to buy from you in the first place! If you dont do this, there is a very high probability that your prospect will get to your order form and bail out!

I write the order form copy right after I write the copy for the rest of the Web site. This way it is in the same voice and reinforces the claims the prospect has just read about in on my Web site.

The next phase is what you do after you get an order. You now have a customer who has trusted in you and purchased from you. They will buy from you again and again if they are happy with the service you provided for them, so make a great first impression.

In this phase, depending upon the product, I develop an entire back-end program for my clients. I also design and write copy that will be e-mailed to past customers at certain specific times after they have purchased any product.

So many businesses, both on and off the Web, forget about the back-end sales, and are literally losing as much as 500% of the business they could be doing!! Some of my clients have grown as much as 600% in just 6 months by implementing strong back-end sales programs! You wanted to know I sold over $20,000.00 in just 10 days on the Web? This is what I did!

I cant tell you loud enough how important this part is but I challenge you to find any Web developer who is going to help you design this sort of program, at any price! That is why it is so vitally important for you to get yourself a person who does more than just build Web sites and more than just marketing!

A pretty Web site is nothing more than a pretty Web site - without the power of a solid marketing program behind it. And, you cant expect to develop a pretty-looking Web site first then go back and add the marketing components because youll simply end up re- building your Web adding more costs, time, and frustration to the equation!

So heres what you must do. Call me and tell me about your product. Then you and I will share with you the exact steps you need to take to build a Web marketing machine, not just another Web site. Youll be developing a Web site that will get your prospects to buy from you, youll be developing a strong back-end sales program, and youll be cashing checks, processing credit cards, and fulfilling order after order before you know it!

How can I be so sure? Simply because I have been doing this for my clients over and over again. And I have been online now since 1984 And I have been in marketing my entire career. Any questions?

If you invest in any part of your business, this is the one area where its worth investing more than any other. Get your Web site developed this way today and youll be reaping the financial benefits for years to come! I guarantee it!

Turn your Web site into a money-machine!

Call Robert Imbriale, and learn how to really make money on the Internet. Mr. Imbriale is known worldwide for his powerful marketing and business-building skills. Contact his office for information on his latest book, Internet Marketing Secrets, a seminar schedule, or information on building a money-making Web site by calling toll-free 1-888-226-8109, or send him e-mail at

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