Some War Stories and Articles from the Archives

When I was doing a lot of consulting work in customer service, there were just some situations that happened to me that were inexcusable and unwarranted and really frustrating. So, I often took the time to document what happened. I occasionally read these and still get angry, so I have no philosophical problem with leaving them here...

Sun Life of Canada Service Stinks! (12/99)

Don't Do Dish Network - Another Horrible Systems Story (8/17/99)

Delta Airlines, Frequent Flyers and Lost Reservations 7/99

Really Stupid System for Marriott Rewards / Guest Services

Northwest Airlines took my money. A short story about a non-trip to Singapore

Holiday Inn, Jacksonville Florida and the Daschund Club of America

The Bates Motel (Actually Hall's Drive Inns) - Fort Wayne Indiana

The Don Yontz Story - Generally, I like to deal with consultants. But on occasion, one finds one that explains why we get a bad reputation

Continental Airlines and my FREE ticket!

A Story about a Big Book to Italy

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