Change is a continuous process. Just when you think you got something tied down, donchaknow another comes along. Here's one as told to me by a friend:

Caterpillars are not the only things that do the yellow gooey sticky mess routine.

So do Sea Squirts!

These are very simple animals* that swim around until they locate a good place to land -- a rock or coral or some such thing. Then, they stay for life! Once mobile, they become anchored and unmoving (sound like anyone you know?).

Once attached, they go through a transformation where parts of their central nervous system that are no longer necessary go through a transformation and are used elsewhere for growth.

In actuality, the Sea Squirt loses its ability to move because it is no longer necessary, recycling what is no longer needed into what is needed for its continued survival. It "lets go and in effect makes a total commitment to the future and its survival"

That reminds me of the joke about the pig and the chicken and breakfast. There is a substantial difference in that the chicken is pretty dedicated to produce the egg but the pig gets totally committed to the process.


* Urochordates - animals with primitive spinal cords and a simple nervous system that include bundles of specialized cells (ganglia) that control certain functions like movement and digestion. It is the movement ganglion that transforms itself as the creature attaches, head down, and then grows into a new form.

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