Association for Quality and Participation (AQP) International Conference
Baltimore, MD in 1997 and Nashville, TN in 1998 Concurrent Session Presentation

This is an old evaluation, but not much would have changed, only the materials would have been updated and improved.


Square Wheels, Caterpillars and Butterflies
for Managing and Leading Change

An interactive 90 minute session presented to about 220+ people, with more turned away due to limited seating

Feedback from 189 participants (1997): Top-rated of 74 sessions!

Invited to present as "Best of the Best" at the 1998 conference in Nashville.

1998 results shown below in red (with feedback from 208 participants)

Scale is 1 to 4, with 4 being "Excellent" and also showing Scott's % versus overall Conference Average for 1997.
Percentage and comparison ranking data not calculated by AQP for 1997 and 1998.

 Overall Value of This Session


79% / 43%


 Effectiveness of Presenter


94% / 49%


 Use of Handouts and AV, Organization


88% / 42%


 Based on your expectations,
did it exceed / meet?


75% / 25%

 78% / 22%

Should this session be repeated at future conferences? 98% Yes - (for both years!)

Participant Comments:

"Excellent! Tangible tools to apply. Very engaging session. I can definately use this."

"Very informative and fun!" "Must be the Best of the Best! Everything was great!"

Can I support / do this activity? YES! My choice for Best of Best."

"The visual and humorous aids were very creative and engaging. My mind never stopped."

"Best of Best. You gave us information that everyone could use regardless of position in the organization."

"This session should be for senior leaders."

"Best session at the conference." "Excellent! Exceeded my expectations."

"Super Presentation." "Scott was Great!" "You are now my role model!!"

"Offer this one twice." "This was the best session in the whole Spring Conference!!"

Great Metaphors.

Needs a larger room due to its popularity Excellent!

"Best One I have attended."

"He was the best presenter I've seen yet. Please bring him back next year. He keeps it interesting and very educational."

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