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Square Wheels of Managing Improved Productivity

Please note that this is an older product that we no longer support. At the same time, our newer toolkits are much better than this older one, so please understand that we continue to strive to improve all of our products using a philosophy of continuous continuous improvement.

For a unique and effective training tool try

Square Wheels of Managing Improved Productivity,

by Scott J.Simmerman.

This is a easy to use guide for trainers, coaches, and managers to facilitate change, productivity improvement, communication, teamwork, and performance strategies. It includes:

Square Wheels is a highly flexible training tool that can be adapted to a wide variety of learning environments. While most training and development programs following a rigid step-by-step approach, Square Wheels can be customized to fit a wide variety of training needs.

Its use of simple, but creative drawings and metaphors invite learner participation, involvement, and feedback. You start by showing a drawing of some people pushing and pulling a wagon with square wheels. You make a few comments about it. This humorous and engaging drawing is guaranteed to break the ice by starting a lively discussion about how things are done within the organization. By following up with the other drawings, you guide the discussion through a number of subjects such as motivation, teamwork, change, leadership, and continuous improvement.

If you are implementing any Organization Development project, then you definitely need Square Wheels to bring out the best in your organization! And the price is right.


Don Big Dog Clark

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