Adult Ed Today magazine, in an article by Diane DiResta, shared these common presenter mistakes.

1. Lack of Focus

2. Unprepared / Doesn't know the audience

3. Lateness

4. The wrong image

5. Ineffective use of visual aids

6. Too much material

7. Inappropriate humor

8. Monotone

9. No audience relationship

10. Weak evidence

Without doing a detail description of these "mistakes," which we think are self-explanatory, we will guarantee that Square Wheels presentations are among the best you and your people will ever encounter.

Our cartoons are general and thus applicable to most industries and situations and we make a significant effort to understand critical issues and opportunities well enough to link them to your improvement situations. At present, we have over 300 illustrations and can easily customize them to more closely tailor to your organization.

Presentations are tightly focused on the main issue, be it change, motivation, leadership or others. As a long-term presenter to audiences of all types, we can assure you that we come prepared and with the right initial image to connect.

Our use of illustrations and overhead transparencies assures bombproof, visible, bright and engaging sessions. We are not dependent on computer based presentations (which have been known to fail and are usually delivered in dimly-lit, low energy meeting rooms). The brightness and visibility of our approach makes materials visible at the back of the room for 1000 people! And our approach to small group interactivity is engaging for even these very large audiences.

Scott's presentations are NOT a speech or a lecture but an interactive journey of discovery for your people about issues and opportunities in their workplaces. Our most common presentations are about change and continuous continuous improvement and focused on motivating and leading others.

Our goal is to have participants able to use the Square Wheels image within their organizations (we generally give each participant a transparency and tip sheet on its use). This forces us to deliver the message in a clear and simple way and forces their attention because of their potential use of the tool!

All in all, the presentation is VERY solid and effective. We've got thousands of people actively using the illustrations, worldwide!

For the FUN of It!

ideas from Diane DiResta's article in Adult Ed Today, Sept - Dec, 1998. Pp. 40 - 41


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