The Square Wheels of Organizational Change

Scale is 1 to 4, with 5 being "Strongly Agree". The participants are generally experienced trainers who use high levels of audience participation and involvement. Many are past attendees of this conference. Dr. Simmerman was one of only a few "outside" presenters invited to deliver sessions.

The session was well designed 4.66

I received information from this session I can use immediately in my job 4.62

The handout provided useful content -- in the session and future reference 4.67

The speaker used good presentation skills 4.79

The speaker appropriately involved participants 4.49

The presentation met the stated objectives 4.77

The session was valuable / I would recommend it to other attendees 4.74

Average Rating overall 4.68


Selected General Comments

The simplicity of the presentation and information was excellent. Please repeat next year to benefit other participants.

Super! Really brought it home! Great eye-opener and mind-changer.

Incredible metaphor for change; great job!

Humors, visuals and thoughtfulness were excellent.

Easy to understand - quite clear.

The metaphors are simple enough for any audience.

Simple approach allows retention of key points.

Scott! And his content! Wonderful!

The visuals were extremely effective.

Simple presentation of complex materials.

This is good training -- don't change a thing.

The session could have been a 3 - 4 hour presentation, very interesting.

Make it longer so we could interact more.

All of it!! Excellent.

Not so early (Note: This was a 7:30 am "Wake-up" session!)


"Square Wheels provides the trainer with the opportunity to modify, adjust, adapt and then adopt the concepts for their own training needs. I recommend it."

Bob Pike, CSP and Author, The Creative Training Techniques Handbook.

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