Scott's presentation on "Square Wheels" gave me a tremendous stash of practical, useful, and FUN resources for training managers and supervisors at all levels in my organization. His style is captivating and his insights, timely. In an age where corporate cultures are suffering from acute learning disabilities, it was great to take back from Scott's presentation the breath of life so desperately needed to provoke new thought and elicit change. A wonderful session!

Diane Mashia, Paychex, Inc., Rochester, NY



I have heard Scott present Square Wheels to several different audiences. His ability to assess the needs of his audience, make it personally relevant and applicable at work and personally is phenomenal! Those of us who are professional consultants and presenters have take some lessons from Scott's ability to combine conceptual power with humor to produce learning experiences that listeners can instantly apply to their own situations to improve their own and their team's success rates.

Terry D. Anderson, Ph.D.
Founder of Consulting Resource Group International Inc.


I had an opportunity at the AQP Conference in Nashville last April to observe Scott perform his session and I was impressed with the simplicity and practicality of his "Square Wheels" process. These are tools that anyone can use to lead important, but sometimes difficult, discussions. If you have an opportunity to attend one of Scott's sessions, I think you'll appreciate adding these techniques to your toolbox.

Pete Grazier


I attended a workshop with you on the ASTD conference in 1996, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Actually - I thought it was the best of all the workshops I attended! I tried to get the book then (I think it was the same book), but when I was ready for it - it was sold out. I went to San Francisco for the ASTD conference and decided that I'd try to find the book then, but from the list of exhibitors I can't see you.

I was therefore delighted when I stumbled across your website, and I'm really looking forward to receiving the book. I'm competence area leader for learning and development in our company and I've used some of the drawings in your handout in dialogues with management to help them see the need for learning and empowerment, and also how their role must change. It saves a lot of "selling"!!!

Bjoerg Kaspersen

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