Custom Productions and Rentals of Performance Management Company's Materials!

Square Wheels illustrations have been used by hundreds of trainers, managers and consultants worldwide since their beginnings almost 10 years ago. While basically anyone can purchase Square Wheels, The Big Book, or one of the four Square Wheels Toolkits and easily use them to facilitate workshops and other programs, sometimes circumstances require something more.

Performance Management has coached and coordinated the production of a wide variety of programs and sessions using Square Wheels. We'll happily and effectively customize presentations for your organization. You can choose to deliver the customized program yourself (with our coaching, if desired), or have Scott do the presentation for you. If you wish to personalize any of the illustrations or have caricatures made of any people within your organziation, our Square Wheels artist, Roy Sabean, will also customize these for you.

We'll assemble presentation materials for you and coach you by telephone to deliver the program. PowerPoint presentations, with handouts and related support materials, can also be custom designed for you.

The Search for The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine is easily packaged for your one-time use through our "rental" plan. We have 9 years of experience supporting others with their delivery of this exercise. And the materials are structured so that they require a minimum of support. Therefore, if you have that special need, we can put together and ship you a ready-to-run program for large groups and support you by telephone until you feel confident to deliver and debrief it.

Since there is no train-the-trainer or "certification" for the delivery of any of our programs*, we feel that many people can benefit from our expertise and quickly learn to deliver a powerful program with a minimum of support.

* other than the pre-conference workshops with various training organizations and an occasional in-house
training program for large numbers of managers and trainers

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Call or email about my custom development of a Square Wheels Program for you. 1-864-292-8700

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