Thoughts on adding a PowerPoint version for Lost Dutchman

Some trainers were routinely delivering Dutchman in a classroom situation with a group of 15 to 20 people. And some consultants were routinely working with large group events in a ballroom setting with 150 or more. So, it seemed to make sense, based on feedback, to develop a special game for the former and a more elaborate exercise for the latter group.

While the original version of the Dutchman exercise could accomodate both situations, we felt that some changes in packaging would make more sense in the marketplace, allowing flexibility for pricing the game according to use.

Additionally, some consultants preferred to use transparencies while many trainers were requesting presentation software for use in their companies, thus requesting that the transparency materials be in PowerPoint.

A price of $695 made great sense for a group of 24 people (4 teams) and $1195 for 36 people (6 teams). This Powerpoint version, with two different prices, offers a more manageable cost for Classroom users, who typically, have smaller groups and a smaller budget for purchasing training materials.

In the larger events, where fees of $100 per person are common, Dutchman seemed unbelievably inexpensive to many consultants and trainers, especially in light of some of the prices and restrictions of other comparable exercises in the marketplace. Some users also felt that we should upgrade the old version and make the game more expensive in its look and feel.

Thus, it was our decision to "bifurcate" the product and have an inexpensive program available for the classroom in addition to a major upgrading of our older version into our Professional Edition. Both retain the dynamics that make this an outstanding teambuilding and leadership development exercise but the Professional Edition has more delivery options and works most effectively for larger sessions.

We also updated the map so as to reflect local conditions a bit better in the actual Superstition Mountains of Arizona. In the new versions, teams start from Apache Junction and can visit Tortilla Flat as opposed to Last Chance Gulch and The Ski Village, respectively. This is something we wanted to do for a long time to make the game more geographically accurate.

Users of the PowerPoint version will use the map on the left (below) while the upgraded older edition uses the poster map on the right. The new Professional Edition uses the Apache Junction / Tortilla Flat materials shown on the left.

For those of you using the older version, there is a cd-based PowerPoint presentation as well as upgraded colored cards available to upscale your materials. Contact us for details. Replacement maps for the Last Chance Gulch version will always be available and a number of upgrades can be done. If you have a version older than 1998, you will find a LOT of new iterations that add flexibility to your deliveries (single turbo, inventory management option, etc.)

Email Scott Simmerman for more information


The New and the Old maps of the game. A comparison shows the similarities.

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