We have extensive experience with small groups with the exercise. Optimally, a group of 36 people arranged in 6 teams of 6. With this situation, we get difficulties in communications within the teams as well as between them.

As team sizes get smaller, play becomes "easier" since communications within a team are simpler -- you have 3 people making decisions as opposed to 6 people all trying to be heard in one 2-minute day!

Similarly, as there are fewer teams, you lose some of the competitiveness and complexity of interteam relationships.

Our experience and comments from long-term users indicates that 3 teams of 3 will generate good dynamics and allow detailed and broad-based debriefings. Generally, however, somewhat larger teams and more tables are preferred.

With the original game and its packaging, having these smaller games was not part of the original design which called for bright images for sessions of 100 to 150 people. It was our impression that only overheads would work in those brightly lit ballrooms.

But improvements in multimedia projection unit luminosities and color have been significant and these new units are a lot smaller, much brighter, substantially more reliable, and much more common. Thus, the cd-based PowerPoint version is produced specifically to match these needs.

There are also subtle changes in the map of the territory and the like to reflect long-desired adjustments. Last Chance Gulch is now Apache Junction and The Ski Village is now Tortilla Flats. There are other small changes that are reflected in the delivery materials and in how the exercise is assembled and packaged.

Generally, there has been a lot more color added to the materials.

These changes will also be made in our updated Professional Edition of the simulation, which will also include the PowerPoint Materials in addition to glossy cards, colored forms, etc. Colored debriefing booklets will also be made available.


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