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Please note that, if anything, the new copyright laws make the penalties for willful infringement even more significant. See Dave Zeilinski's article (click here)


Cherith Simmons, the Sunbury based training consultant has agreed to pay £33,500 in damages and costs as the result of a legal action brought against her by Video Arts Limited, the renowned producers and distributors of management training programmes.

The action was initiated after a former employee contacted Video Arts to report that a number of its programmes, including "The Unorganised Manager" and "Meetings, Bloody Meetings", had been copied and were being used regularly on training courses run for profit by Ms Simmons.

On the basis of this information, Hewitson Becke + Shaw, solicitors for Video Arts, obtained an Order from the High Court enabling them to search Cherith Simmons' offices. A substantial number of infringing copies of Video Arts programmes were found during the search, which resulted in the award.

A spokesperson for Cherith Simmons commented:

"We obviously regret what has happened and now appreciate fully the damaging effect on video producers' business of this kind of copyright abuse. We have given undertakings to Video Arts that this will not occur in future."

Tom Parkinson, Company Secretary of Video Arts, commented:

"No organisation can afford to risk illegal copying - sooner or later producers such as Video Arts will hear of it and when we do, we will take the strongest possible action to punish it."

Video Arts is a founder of the Training Media Copyright Association that campaigns to prevent copyright abuse. The Association also offers a reward of up to £5,000 for information leading to successful legal action against copyright infringers.

For more information please call Richard Laver on 0171 937 7322.


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