Overnight Service to Italy

A story of the US Postal Service and Airborne Express

In November, I receive an email asking for information about Square Wheels, The Big Book and the costs of shipping and the like. It is apparently from a marketing business in Italy so I respond with information about benefits and delivery. After a few weeks, I receive a request to send it.

That day, December 22, we take the package to the US Post Office and send it Global Priority Mail to Italy for $38. The woman needs it at the beginning of the year. Then, given the time of year, we take off traveling with kids and dog for 9 days and arrive back home to find the package amongst a stack of mail.


I learned that Italy is not a participant in Global Priority Mail Service based on a subsequent complaint to the Postmaster General's Complaint Line.

Instead of re-sending it Air Mail (there was more than enough postage), my local Post Office made the decision to simply return it to me. There it sat until the 31st, when we returned.

Immediately, we repacked it and sent it Airborne Express.

On January 7, we get a call from Airborne saying that the telephone number we had on the airbill was not a good telephone number and they were having trouble delivering it. Turns out that the client emailed me her FAX number instead of her office number.

SO.... I send her an email asking her to contact the local Italian affiliate of Airborne directly (I provide the phone number) AND to email me her telephone so I can pass it along to Airborne here to forward there.

Lots of work to send the Big Book of Square Wheels!

Also, Italian Customs got the book on the 31st and finally RELEASED it on the 5th.

Everyone that has had contact with this has been helpful - these things are not people problems but more related to systems. But it is ironic that it all revolves around Square Wheels.

The client is a Chamber of Commerce Training Unit. Wonder what she will do with this story of service!


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