What are Square Wheels Toolkits?

Square Wheels One
How might this represent how organizations really work?

The toolkits are complete sets of materials written for managers and supervisors.


These toolkits have been sold worldwide to thousands of organizations for the past 15 years. They are proven tools to manage and lead work teams toward performance improvement. And because of their "cartoon" nature, they are bombproof and easy to deliver.


This series of illustrations is based on the general theme shown above. They focus on the simple reality that most systems and processes do not operate smoothly or most effectively, that communications is often difficult, and that there are always better ways to accomplish things.

The paradox of most systems and procedures is that we are so busy pushing and pulling in the effort to meet our goals that it is very difficult to step back and objectively view our situation. Thus, it is difficult to discover performance improvement opportunities. It is also a reality that leadership will be somewhat isolated from the support people and that perspectives between the front and back of the wagons will differ.

Some of the illustrations have specific themes and messages but most can have a variety of meanings and linkages. Square Wheels is thus an inexpensive tool for generating engagement, action learning, reflective perspective, participative involvement and a sense of ownership.

These Toolkits are constantly updated and include themes of:

The proven effectiveness of Square Wheels is simply amazing. They:

The illustrations are powerful yet simple tools for leadership and change because they focus on accepted current business practices and the generation of new ideas for improvement. The illustrations also change the language of continuous improvement. They are inexpensive, easy and straighforward to use, and quite flexible in application and we've got lots of testimonials from users worldwide.

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