Scott Simmerman was recently voted to the LectureAgent list as one of the

Top 25 Keynote Speakers in the World!

A couple of years ago, Don Blanchard at LectureAgent was asking for the names of great presenters for his "Lecture Agent" site. I simply went to a few of those people who had seen me present Square Wheels or Lost Dutchman, asking them to send him a note!

Apparently, he got the message! So he temporarily added me to his list of the top 25 keynoters.

But, since I don't bill myself as a professional speaker and since I did not want to list myself with the speakers' bureaus, he dropped me off after a few months.

So thanks for clicking here!

Don can be reached at:

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I DO like to present workshops and keynotes, but I do not want to make a living at it. I customize every presentation, build on solid themes, get people involved and engaged, and don't charge the $7,000 to $20,000 that some of my "professional" associates get. But I will also point out that my presentations are at least as well liked and generally much better remembered!

I pride myself on the ability to engage an audience and generate innovative thinking about what might be done to make things better.

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