I used to have a lot of links to resources on this page but I have deleted most of the content, since it got dated. I kept the page simply because there were a lot of links to it and from it and it is easier to simply delete some content rather than make all the link changes.

These are some good things on websites and marketing, here, but there are a tremendous network of available information around for the purpose of Search Engine Optimization and the like. Guess the newest thing is marketing on the social networks like Facebook, which is one of the things we will do at PMC.

Here are some places for information, although some is a bit dated...

Good information on copyright, trademarks, intellectual property and all that

The Stealing Of Intellectual Property Online by Nancy E. Roebke -

How To Plan Your New Web Site - by Kevin Nunley (8/3/99)

How To Get on the Web And Make Money Fast! by Robert Imbriale

20 Things That Should Never Appear On Your Website by Nick Nichols

Ideas for making your website more interactive - by Wanda Loskot

The Easiest Thing You Can Do To Dramatically Increase Sales on the Internet by Robert Imbriale

RANK THIS! Cyberguide for Search Engine Promotion - www.rankthis.com/

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