Are You Suffering from The Hero Syndrome?

Undoubtedly, we're a culture of people who do too much. Whether you're a professional or a domestic demi-god, you may be paying dearly for it in your effectiveness, satisfaction, well- being, quality of life, or family and personal time. In fact, you may be suffering from "The Hero Syndrome."

Check the statements below that are true for you. Be brutally honest. If an item causes a strong reaction because you don't want it to be true, you can bet it's true for you.

1. _____ I'm often the one on whom people depend in a pinch.

2. _____ I'm someone whom several people trust with private information.

3. _____ I'm often overwhelmed by the obligations I have to meet because of promises I've made to others.

4. _____ It's important for me to feel needed.

5. _____ I get great satisfaction from knowing that I'm the only one who can solve a specific problem.

6. _____ It's hard for me to delegate tasks.

7. _____ I have several friends or colleagues who

only call me when they need something.

8. _____ I usually volunteer for a task or project.

9. _____ It's difficult for me to receive praise even when I deserve it.

10. _____ I want to feel calm and in control more often.

11. _____ It's hard for me to end each day with a sense of accomplishment because there's always so much more to do.

12. _____ I'm the first one to begin my day at work or at home and the last one to call it quits.

13. _____ I catch myself complaining about the same problems over and over again.

14. _____ I often count on adrenaline to get through the day.

15. _____ I'm not compensated with money, rewards, or recognition for the extra things I take on.




Give yourself one point for each statement that you marked true. Then look below for where you stand.

0-2 - Congratulations! You set your limits and honor your own priorities and well-being.

3-5 - You are predisposed to The Hero Syndrome. Work to keep things in check now so that you don't pay the price later.

6-10 - You make life harder than it needs to be. Start setting boundaries and giving back responsibility to others.

11-15 - You're suffering from The Hero Syndrome. Without a doubt, you're exhausted and have little room to enjoy work or life. Take immediate and radical action to reverse this condition.

by Laura Berman Fortgang- Author of Take Yourself to the Top; The Secrets of Americas #1 Career Coach... from Warner Books

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