Exceptional Consulting and Training Resources - A Compendium of People, and Places
Here are some sites and information that I've found useful over the years.

The Employee Engagement Network is a free site that offers networking opportunities with trainers and line managers on strategies for engaging and involving people in the workplace: www.employeeengagement.ning.com/

Bob Pike's Creative Training Techniques - Ideas and materials for trainers and consultants - http://www.bobpikegroup.com/

Team Building Articles - 75+ good articles and information -- www.teambuildinginc.com/

Big Dog's Whole Life Page (Don Clark) - Most Excellent!!
Interesting stuff about HR and other areas of endeavor; a unique combination of information -- www.nwlink.com/~donclark/

Big Dog's HRD Links - www.nwlink.com/~donclark/hrd.html

 International Association of Teamwork Facilitators - a good association and network: http://www.iatf.groupsite.com/main/summary

George Smart has some great stuff on his website, including a neat course on performance
consulting for internal trainers and support people. Check the latter out at: www.strategicdevelopment.com/workshop.htm


Mike Robinson - Triad Training - one of my pals! A great presenter of Square Wheels

Dave Blum's San Francisco Mystery-based Experiential Learning site

DeepFun.com - Bernie DeKoven's great source of information and links on games - www.deepfun.com/

Thiagi has some outstanding resources and free stuff available on his site at www.Thiagi.com

Training Oasis -- Good tools and resources - http://www3.sympatico.ca/thetrainingoasis/

Thomas Crane and his Coaching Resources - www.craneconsulting.com

www.tueffert.com - "Curt Tueffert is an energetic, passionate speaker on sales training,company/employee motivation, and discusses high technology issues with clarity and down to earth understanding." (He made me say this!! )

The Organizational Cultural Center offers resources to better develop performance and organizational improvement.

Inspire your team with a good quote from Famous Inspirational Quotes- http://www.inspirationalquotes4u.com/

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