Here are a few Interactive Team Building Workshops focused on Management Facilitation Skills Training that can be delivered with the illustrations:

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The toolkits allow you to select cartoons and an approach to engage and energize people on a journey of discovery. By sharing cartoon illustrations and allowing teams of people to engage in discussions of shared and common themes, you create new perspectives and awareness to meet your organizational goals and missions.


Some of the main anchors of programs include:

Don't Just Do Something, Stand There.

For change to take place, people must have perspective. They must distance themselves from the main activity itself and mentally dissociate. In this way, and only this way, can they generate the analytical and creative energy to identify issues and opportunities.

The Round Wheels are already in the wagon!

For most individuals and most organizations, the Round Wheels already exist. What is needed is their identification and implementation. But it is often the case that people do not have time to stop and observe if they are going to meet their performance goals. It is a real paradox.

The View from the Back is different than the View from the Front

People are not motivated by "boards and hands" as a vision of the future. It is the responsibility of leadership to continually communicate direction, goals and progress with team members.

Get out of the ditch and up on the road.

In many organizations, people get bogged down by the politics, culture and other "glop" that can dramatically slow progress and limit success. And it's tough to get one's hands on it.By the same token, however, the best Mud Managers do things differently. By identifying these different behaviors and best practices, we can often make dramatic improvements.

A few testimonials:

Square Wheels has been easy to understand and has paved the way for my associates to share their ideas for continuous improvement and quality. Square Wheels has also helped my company begin to take down the barriers to effective communication, not to mention it is fun!

Ryan Hendley, CEO, IH Services

In our 4-year journey with Total Quality, I have not found a training product as unique, easy-to-use and simple yet powerful in its delivery of many of the lessons in continuous improvement as Square Wheels.

Jay Wenberg, Training Manager, Lorillard

I have been a great fan of yours. Your approach is one of the greatest breakthroughs in training that I have seen for such a long time. Wonderful elegance, interactivity, and sharing. Your approach is totally compatible with my desired approach to training.

Thiagi ( -

Using the cartoons, I was able to express what tends to be a very emotional message in such a way that everyone understood and became willing to participate in a problem-solving discussion. By the end of the session, the entire group was communicating and moving in the same direction with common goals.

Loren Stauffer, Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority

Whenever we can produce belly laughter, profound learning, and bottom-line results in the same round, it is a special experience that will not be forgotten.

Dr. Joe Marshall, Resource Management of Boston

In fact, a number of GMs have told me that it is the first time ever they have been given such a tool to use back at the hotel. They have been asking for some time for a tool they could take back to enhance a teambuilding effort. This really appears to be it.

Bill Ernest, Market Director, Marriott

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