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Square Wheels
Illustrations and Toolkits

Team Building and Change with Square Wheels

An extraordinary
Facilitation Tool!

Square Wheels teambuilding games!

team building games on collaboration

Innovate & Implement

a team building game

team building events with Dutchman

A superb team building exercise stressing the benefits of collaboration

Lost Dutchman and Leadership
Using the exercise as a base
for development.

Quest - a team building game

Seven Seas Quest
and Buccaneer

An energizing team building games focused on collaboration

The Search for Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine ™

This powerful team building game is enjoyed worldwide!
It's easy to use, engaging and impactful and links to a wide variety of organizational development initiatives. Lots of pricing options available! It can be used for a training event, a retreat, or as an exercise.
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teambuilding exercise - Lost Dutchman'S Gold Mine
Square Wheels cartoons are used for creativity, team building and communications. Packaged in a different formats for use in training and development programs. A unique tool for initiating exchanges of ideas. Proven fun, engaging, effective and powerful since 1993.
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Square Wheels Training Tools
The Collaboration Journey Challenge is a great team building exercise. Fast, cheap, powerful and bombproof. These combine the Square Wheels theme to a problem solving situation. It fits in a 90 minute or longer time block. Planning and collaboration are keys to group success.
Fast and fun -- two versions are available
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team building games on collaboration
Other products include:
Quest team building
Coaching for Improved Performance
Toolkit for managing and leading change Toolkit for managing roadblocks and improving performance
Dr. Scott Simmerman - The Square Wheels Guy
Dr. Scott Simmerman
A Unique, Engaging and Memorable Presenter!

Information on Scott's presentations and workshops

tons of
Training Stuff!

Free training materials, articles, information, jokes, links to training resources and other items of interest to consultants and trainers

resources and training materials
Our PMC website contains the information about these packages and purchasing our materials

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Our tools are used worldwide by trainers, managers and consultants and we have many different tools available.

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