Some Interesting factoids on Perception

I've used these ideas more than a few times to let people know how sensitive there perception can be. But I also use these data in the context of Square Wheels and our general inclination to be insensitive to the things happening around us.

Our natural senses give us perceptual sensitivity that is incredible. Biologically, if your physical senses are working normally, you can:

Thus, we have the sensitivity to be very perceptive. But we block our sensitivity; we often limit ideas for improvement because we already know The Answers.

And by limiting discussions with others and generating different perspectives, we limit possibilities and innovations as well as ownership and self-esteem. The nature of how our brains process information means that we cannot sometimes see what is obvious.

And that prevents us from improving.

So, "Don't Just Do Something, Stand There."

Suspend judgement and become more open to possibilities.


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