Some Consultant Testimonials

The Dutchman exercise is just so good. It works every single time, so it makes it hard to consider using another exercise!

Robin Speculand

The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine is a fabulous exercise for individuals and teams to achieve insight into how they behave. It opens up a positive dialogue about leadership and teamwork issues. It ensures that learning and problem-solving take place in a safe and non-confrontational way. Relationships are enhanced. It remains a talking point for weeks even in the sound-bite world.

There is a lot of material and a lot of variety in how the exercise runs but would you believe that you have everything you need?
- it's true! And by the way, it's a lot of fun.

Ray Smith <>

(Note: Ray is an early user of our cd-based multimedia version and we have had virtually no contact with him since his purchase. He reports facilitating it with a client very effectively on his very first attempt! He is still using the exercise years later...)

Dear Dr. Simmerman,

As you know, I've used "The Lost Dutchman" now for almost 7 years with clients large and small. I remain impressed with it as a powerful consulting/training tool.

More than anything, it is a critical piece of much of the Leadership Development work I do. I use is as a planned exercise, often at the beginning of a long intervention.

And, I "pull it out of my back pocket" a lot for a team of leaders that needs to "get" something quickly, The Lost Dutchman not only hits many of the key leadership points required in these fast-moving and remote-working times, but it is an exercise of the right duration.

For my business, both for my reputation and financially, "The Lost Dutchman" is fabulous. Many, many thanks for all the development time you put into it, and for all your support.

Dr. Kirtland C. Peterson
Managing Partner
ISCI Consulting, Inc.
[ information strategy communications implementation

Success! The Dutchman game delivery for my client went very well, especially for my first delivery. We had 5 teams of 5-6 people. And I trained their assistant in 20 minutes to assist as Provisioner, so it was very easy to facilitate the mechanics. I kept the debrief short and focused only on points relevant to their situation so they stayed tuned in when the energy of the game was over.

I was so pleased to receive so many compliments! The biggest one was that people were still talking about the game in the evening. They also said that the messages I delivered in the debriefing were right on and helped them to think about solutions to their business issues, which is due to the wonderful prepping and support materials you provided......

The cd is well organized and has everything we need. We printed all the materials and laminated them, purchased play dollars from The Party Store for 50 cents, and used Hershey's gold-wrapped almond kisses for gold--wrappers do not count for gold, so they had to wait until the game was over before eating them.

Thank you, Scott, for your creative team building tool and your generous support.

Susan Hamley - The Hamley Group - "Your Event Department" -- 612-551-1110

I teach collaboration skills in a variety of technical environments (Intel, EDS, Taiwan Semiconductor). Occasionally I need to build a shared experience of clearly observed behavior as a base line to convince my engineers that their behavior isn't producing the results they say they want. I've found Lost Dutchman to be one quick and effective way to do this. "Analysis paralysis", sub-optimization by too narrowly focusing, and failure to build teams and listen to one another all show up pretty quickly with the Dutchman, and give us a common reference point for skill-building. Although there may be some initial hesitation, I find people get hooked on wanting to "win" pretty quickly, and find the activity extremely absorbing.

Please feel free to contact me with questions.

Lisa J. Marshall <>

I wish to thank you for the opportunity to purchase and use "The Search for the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine" exercise in my training and consulting practice. As a result of my association with you and your product, I have been able to successfully expand the scope of team building programs that I offer. Not only have I recouped my original investment ten times over, use of the "Dutchman" in organizational settings has led to many other related training and consulting opportunities for my firm.

I also wish to thank you for your continued marketing and technical support. Your ongoing communications and idea sharing has made my business relationship with you very enjoyable and rewarding. In addition, you have always represented yourself and your firm with professionalism and integrity.

I look forward to maintaining an association with you that is mutually beneficial. Please let me know if I can ever be of service to you.


Michael Madras (email)

Cary, NC

The Dutchman session went really well -- only 7 people -- and I broke them into 2, 2, and 3.

They all collaborated but and thought they were all smart and stuff. But they only took two jeeps instead of 3, so there was an excellent opportunity to debrief on that. This was the executive / administrative leadership team for this company -- basically all the department heads. They loved the whole concept.

Just thought you'd like to know there's another happy client out there!

Pam Wyess 734-429-5249

6463 Robison Lane
Saline, MI 48176-9094

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