Some photographs of play, the first three being from Denmark in a session. Jesper Meyer, a Copenhagen-based consultant is assisting on the top right of the first picture. The second and third pictures show more of the Denmark game. There are a number of pictures here to load. Consider going back to the other page and returning here as the images get downloaded.

team building in Denmark team building in Denmark

excitement with teambuilding teambuilding game picture

teamwork team celebrating

team decisions questioning strategy and tactics look what teamwork produced

teambuilding tabletop question on teamwork

team tabletop team building at tabletop

decision making celebrating success

It Plays with Very Large Groups wonderfully!

large event teambuilding large event team development large event for team building large team building event teambuilding event large group team building

And it is Fun!!

we did it Yaaaaaaa

These last three pictures are of the set constructed by Jeff Taylor and his team for a large simulation. Note the fabulous backgrounds!

Jeff Taylor team building team building background 1 team building background 2