Now, you can get a version of Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine that links directly and powerfully to the four quadrant model of the Herrmann Brain Dominance Inventory (HBDI).

We took the basic Dutchman, reframed it for teams of four (or 5 including an Integrator) and packaged it with worksheets, presentation materials and a debriefing that links specifically to the HBDI toolkit. This is a special version of Dutchman, similar to Option B from the Professional Edition.

But it is packaged as a single cd for PowerPoint Multimedia presentation for up to 5 teams for up to 5 people. The introductory version price is $1,195. This is a one-time fee; there are no per-participant fees or annual licenses or other charges. Everything you need is right on the disk, including traning support materials and all of the forms.

This HBDI - Dutchman was done with the full collaboration of Herrmann International, whose management team found Dutchman to be a powerful tool for generating the behaviors that link so well to the profiles.

Now, you can really generate a team building event, complete with links to human interactions and personal growth opportunities.

If you are already a user of the HBDI, you may find this a perfect compliment to your tools. And we'll guarantee your complete satisfaction with the materials and with your user experiences. This is a powerful 2-hour exercise that you can use as the base for a multi-day training and development event.

And, if you are a current Dutchman user, you will find that the Herrmann Instrument is one that works elegantly with our exercise.

We're gearing up to support this globally.

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