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The beauty of Dutchman is its flexibility of use. You may be a trainer looking for an interactive and unique way of encouraging team development as a stand-alone event or for something to be an anchor point for a multiple-day workshop. Or, you may be a consultant needing a brand-name, proven and engaging product to add to your toolkit. You may be a meeting planner wanting a fun, dynamic event that contains key learning points for a business meeting. In any of these scenarios, you will find this exercise to be a most effective and bombproof program for organizations and participants. The links to communications, leadership and collaboration are straightforward and powerful, making this a memorable part of any program.

Dutchman is an energizing team building simulation that can be used for any number of people from 6 to 600 or more. Teams, consisting of up to 6 people each, are seated at round tables displaying a poster-sized map. Western music plays and cowboy hats and colorful bandannas add to the ambience. Teams are given a "grub stake" of resources needed for their trip to the mine in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. The Expedition Leader explains the journey of mining gold and from this info, teams plan their trip. They will need to be sure they have the necessary resources and figure this out by determining which path they'll take to the mine and how long they'll be mining.

Play begins after a planning period and review of the rules. Twenty 2-minute days are given for the journey to and from the mine. This creates fast play and the atmosphere becomes lively and spirited while the format allows behaviors common to the workplace to happen. After all teams return to Apache Junction on the mapsite (play begins and ends here), a short break is given and the debriefing begins.

Debriefing Dutchman is what makes it such a valuable tool! It was specifically designed to be driven by a number of clear metaphors and circumstances. It emphasizes the recognition of behaviors that optimize and sub-optimize success. A variety of issues can be observed and addressed, such as how a focus on "my team" rather than "our teams" can decrease total return on investment and outcome. Collaboration and communication issues become apparent.

Pricing for Dutchman is arranged so that purchasers will find it affordable and of long term value. The simulation is a one-time cost, with no cumbersome "per usage fees." No limits on usage, etc. We sell a game based on mazimizing ROI and collaboration--and have a great reputation for doing so with our client users!

To deliver Dutchman with up to 36 people (6 teams), you can use Dutchman 6 - it has both a Powerpoint multimedia delivery or a transparency delivery option. Dutchman 4 (LD4) is packaged for powerpoint presentation only using multimedia projector. It is suitable for up to 24 people (4 teams). Dutchman 3 (LD3) is packaged for powerpoint presentation only using multimedia projector. It is suitable for up to 18 people (3 teams).

For groups of unlimited size, the Professional Edition of Dutchman is what you want. It comes with everything needed to run the game and lots of delivery options. It's packaged with all kinds of training support materials for different deliveries, comes complete with what you need for learning the game, and many samples and ideas for running the exercise. It also contains a full set of Square Wheels® illustrations customized for specifically for the game.

Dutchman Pro is packaged for regular, large group use generally by consultants.

All versions contain ample train-the-trainer materials and a variety of supporting information. And our library of debriefing questions is said to be superb -- all pre-packaged in PowerPoint, updated regularly and customizable for your specific desired outcomes.

Although the price of the professional version may, at a glance, seem steep, we base it on the cost of value versus expenditure. If Dutchman is used only one time for say, 100 people, the purchase cost would only be about $70 per person -- this is less than what you would pay other vendors to run it for you and you would OWN the game. As the numbers of participants and/or uses increase, the cost per person becomes downright inexpensive! Compared with other teambuilding events available, we find Dutchman is, by far, the best value out there. A number of clients have run Dutchman within their companies for thousands of participants -- all for that one-time cost.

There are no recurring fees, annual licenses, per-participant charges, required train-the-trainer or certifications, etc. This is truly a One Time Cost! And the majority of purchasers never even contact us after their purchase although we offer free telephone and email support! We believe this indicates the quality of Dutchman's packaging and descriptive materials.

In our mission to provide low-cost, unique and highly-regarded training materials to all kinds of users, Dutchman is now available for a one-time RENTAL. This option is available for any number up to 100 people. Please click here to see if this pricing is a better option for you.

We're happy to work out payment methods for any of our products with you. Just email or call us at 864-292-8700.

For anyone interested in retailing our products, we'll gladly wholesale to you. We can also support you with marketing materials, website links and a variety of other profit-generating ideas and information.

People who have played Dutchman have written testimonials about their experiences. Pages within the website are devoted to these, but a few excerpts are given here for emphasis:

The Dutchman exercise is just so good. It works every time. So it makes it hard to consider using another exercise!

Robin Speculand

I was so pleased to receive so many compliments! The biggest one was that people were still talking about the game in the evening. They also said that the messages I delivered in the debriefing were right on and helped them to think about solutions to their business issues, which is due to the wonderful prepping and support materials you provided......

Susan Hamley

I've used "The Lost Dutchman" now for almost 7 years with clients large and small. I remain impressed with it as a powerful consulting/training tool. I "pull it out of my back pocket" a lot for a team of leaders that need to "get" something quickly. The Lost Dutchman not only hits many of the key leadership points required in these fast-moving and remote-working times, but it is an exercise of the right duration.

Dr. Kirtland C. Peterson

People remember forever the principles because they associate them with things they did in the game. Every meeting I have been to since the conference has had a reference to the Lost Dutchman's Mine. Great stuff!!

Becky Campbell - SC DHEC

Our excursion to the lost mine taught the whole group a number of valuable lessons, which they are still talking about today almost a month later. They learned to listen, they learned to look at a piece of information in terms of what can it do for me but how can I use this same information to help others, and they saw first hand that the net result of a shared focus always beats individual success at the individual team or team member level.

Ed Shepherdson

Occasionally I need to build a shared experience of clearly observed behavior as a base line to convince my engineers that their behavior isn't producing the results they say they want. I've found Lost Dutchman to be one quick and effective way to do this. "Analysis paralysis", sub-optimization by too narrowly focusing, and failure to build teams and listen to one another all show up pretty quickly with the Dutchman, and give us a common reference point for skill-building. Although there may be some initial hesitation, I find people get hooked on wanting to "win" pretty quickly, and find the activity extremely absorbing.

"Lisa J. Marshall" <>

Not only have I recouped my original investment ten times over, use of the "Dutchman" in organizational settings has led to many other related training and consulting opportunities for my firm.

Michael Madras

Your Lost Dutchman's game received the highest average ranking in our evaluation........

Brian Moran

It's easy to facilitate and the insights gained are significant. This is the perfect retreat exercise that stimulates self insight and broader thinking while helping to break down the barriers to collaboration.

Denise Voncannon

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