There is obviously a lot of information about Lost Dutchman on the Website. This should add a bit more to help in your discussions of the game.

Just a few key points for improving your sales conversation; A client list follows:

Dutchman (also called Gold Mine in some locales) has been played everywhere, it seems, from many times throughout Asia, to Turkey, The Philippines, Belgium, Denmark, South Africa, South America, Canada and, of course, all over the U.S.

Some key benefits include:

It plays fast - there are 20 two-minute days and they go quite quickly, often in less than 30 minutes. This was designed so that there is ample time to debrief both the game and the learnings in a morning or afternoon session. Three to 3.5 hours is ample time in most situations.

The simulation comes packaged with LOTS of supporting information - (see the link above). This is much better than any product in the marketplace. There are 100s of ideas, debriefing questions, linkages, and metaphors. And like the Square Wheels books, there are more than 20 cartoons that can be used to generate discussions.

Review this linked page to see what the purchaser actually receives with their purchase.

The two products, Square Wheels and Dutchman, also link together extremely well and reinforce some of the same messages. And we now have two different brand new versions of The Square Wheels Game, "The Collaboration Journey," that supports both the cartoons and the game. (We started distribution in December, 2003). These sell for $149.

The style of presentation is dramatically different, with Dutchman being an experiential simulation and Square Wheels being a facilitated interactive workshop but these products work synergistically.

A one-time cost. The materials are reproducible so that thousands of people can go through the simulation over time with no additional costs other than for some photocopying.

Dutchman Pro is packaged for use with up to 200 people at a time -- only more cards are needed should one want to run a larger group.

Note: The sale includes a license to maintain one set of materials. Breaking the game into multiple games or reproducing materials so that more than one game is in existence is not permitted. This is a clear violation of copyright. We will prosecute offenders. We have up to three years after we become aware of a violation in which to take action.

Dutchman sets up all kinds of dialog and discussions and can be linked to themes of

and other subjects.

Purchasers include the following companies and industries, not including independent consultant users, who are about half of total purchasers:

Big Name Purchasers - (and I am SO bad at keeping this list up to date!)

EDS - in Detroit and in Texas at HQ

Compaq Computers - at HQ

IBM (numerous locations, worldwide) and used in their management development training as a kickoff program in addition to their consulting operations



Andersen Consulting


Jardines (Hong Kong)

Nokia (Singapore)

American Airlines

Fluor Daniel (engineering construction)


Ralston Purina

Time / system (Europe)

AGFA / Bayer

Novartis (Switzerland)

Advantis (formerly Sandoz Chemicals)

Education -

University of Wisconsin

University of Michigan

University of South Carolina

Isothermal Community College

Rowan-Cararrus Community College

Walsh College

Northland Baptist Bible College

Singapore Education Ministry

Hong Kong Education Department

Christ Church High School

Sacramento (California) School District (and others)

Asian Institute of Management (The Philippines)

National Productivity Institute (South Africa)

Textile Manufacturing -


Burlington Industries

Fieldcrest Cannon

General Manufacturing -

Emerson Electric

Xircom (Maylasia)

Western Digital (Singapore)

Ingersoll Rand / Torrington

Baxter Healthcare

Banking -

Hongkong Bank

Old Kent Bank

First Union

Bank of Boston

Advertising -

J. Walter Thompson


Sales -

Thomson Consumer Electronics

BI Technologies

Hospitals -

Harris Memorial Hospital System

Pitt County Regional Health Centers

Self Memorial Hospital

Semaritan Health Center

Memorial Hospital of South Bend

Others -

Duty Free Shoppers (Hong Kong and San Francisco)

San Antonio (Texas) Water System


Chemung County (NY) Government

Deluxe Laboratories

State Farm Insurance

DBS Land (Singapore)

Southern Company (electric power)

South Carolina Electric and Gas Company

Air Mechanical Supply (HVAC distributor)

Applebee's (restaurant chain)

Koch Industries

Canadian Government Learning Centre (Prince Edward Island)

Urban Services Training Department - Hong Kong

Wall Data

Walls Drugs

and many other smaller organizations who have also purchased the simulation. This is not a complete list of purchasers.


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