Benefit: No Costly Restrictions!

Dutchman is an ideal simulation for trainers needing a low-cost simulation.

There are NO per-participant costs annual fees or costly materials. Never.

Four versions of the exercise now exist to offer better pricing options. The purchaser pays no fees for the sessions they run -- it is sold at a one-time cost.

To deliver Dutchman with up to 18 people (3 teams), use our Powerpoint multimedia cd-version that we call Dutchman 3. A 24 person game for 4 teams and a 36 person / 6 team version are also available.

(click here to see these materials on our PMC website)

There are High Risk Versions (click here for a pdf file explaining the nuances) of the exercise along with a version customized for use with the Herrmann's HBDI. The behaviors and thinking styles discussed in these inventories can be readily linked to the behaviors generated in the game and these kinds of programs work quite well and very effectively. We do not have marketing arrangements with vendors and there is no problem creating the links between them.

For groups of more than 36 people, the Professional Version of Dutchman is the answer. It comes with everything needed to run the game and lots of delivery options. It's packaged with a travel case and everything you need to run the exercise, including a massive amount of detailed training and delivery materials. It also contains a full set of Square Wheels® illustrations customized for the exercise.

We continue to enhance the game. We now have a Diversity Option (click here for a 13-page pdf file) that focuses how the game can be linked to issues privilege and power. We also have a few different High Collaboration Options.

Preparation is simple - new users tell us that learning to deliver the game takes about 2 hours - and a phone call to us is a recommendation but not a necessity. Preparation time depends on what version, what desired outcomes and impacts, and the desired ambience of the session -- it is easily accessorized. You purchase the game, ready to go. Dutchman 3, 4 and 6 are full, complete versions of the exercise - they just do not have the delivery options contained in the Pro version and are size-limited.

The Professional Version even comes packaged with the program materials you need to deliver it in local schools with students and the faculty / Administration. (We strongly encourage purchasers to offer this game as a pro-bono / no fee public service -- these groups do NOT play well together!)

Performance Management Company and its affiliated network of delivery agents will generally deliver a train-the-trainer session combined with a delivery of the simulation for 60 people for a fee of $8,995 plus travel expenses. This includes the Pro Game that sells for $6,995 - this is a really good deal to own the game as well as have me present!

This is a useful option when your client needs an executive retreat or if a training department wants to experience the simulation as a group and you would prefer us to deliver it for you and you (or the client) wants to purchase the game. Since there are so many possobilities and options, CALL me - 864-292-8700!!

The large colored map posters sell for $4.00 each.

You'll get the same materials we use in delivering the simulation! Unlike some firms, we distribute our best stuff that supports the game and hold nothing back. We often burn the cd the same day we sell it to insure that it hs the most up-to-date files and information on it.

Note: Many of our purchasers are consultants. We can support organizations with a worldwide network of delivery.
Versions are also available in a number of different languages, often with the training materials in English but with
locally translated delivery materials.

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