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Dutchman is a great way for teams to experience issues of communication, resource management and team dynamics common to the workplace. During debriefing, team behaviors are linked to opportunities to improve collaboration, leadership, teamwork and communications critical to optimizing results. Participative, visual and interactive, it produces an excellent learning environment in a high-impact and memorable way.

Benefits include:

Applications include:

The simulation is high-powered and fast-paced with visual and kinesthetic aspects making it an ideal tool for learning and organizational development. Complete with its own set of Square Wheels illustrations, debriefings are very flexible and easily linked with desired learning outcomes.

Extraordinarily useful for single or multiple day retreats and for week-long management development programs, it presents an assortment of metaphors that can be easily linked to critical organizational objectives of team work, quality, leadership, missions and alignment and many other issues facing organizations today.

People play a game and then learn through a facilitated discussion about motivation, leadership, collaboration, communication, systems, resource management, problem analysis, competition and other factors that relate closely to their behavior. Many of our users are directly linking the simulation to the personality inventories and decision-making models.

It is an action learning paradigm that is engaging, entertaining and practical. It is also exciting and fun to deliver and observe.

The game is also furnished with a complete set of Square Wheels illustrations specifically designed for the simulation. These can be used to illustrate key points about leadership and teamwork or to discuss issues of motivating people. On the left, for example, we illustrate the "mud" that organizations often engage in and that bogs down progress. Mud is one of the metaphors in the simulation.

Below, we show the efficiencies and effectiveness that occur when teams work together in a collaborative way - in the game, this results in teams mining more gold.

MotivationWagon Train My Team, My Team, My Team!

The game is bundled with easy to use cartoons and worksheets for the debriefing.

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