Jeff Taylor has been using Lost Dutchman in his consulting and training practice since 1998 and packages large games for his clients, who generally choose to have Jeff facilitate rather than purchase the simulation themselves. For this value-added effort, he receives rave reviews as well as healthy profits. Dutchman has become part of his leadership and organizational development efforts, (along with Buccaneer). He still uses the game regularly (as of 3/08).

We have hundreds of consultant users worldwide, many of whom are consultant resources and who sell other products and services. Jeff chose to share some results with us a while back as well as give us the following testimonial:

Here is what Jeff said on August 7, 2001:

"I did a Dutchman last week for 13 people it went great. At day 15 it looked like all 3 teams would need to beacon home, I kept encouraging them to talk to each other. By day 17 they asked for a time out, and after lots of talking worked it out. What had been a very competitive group started working together and they all got back. Really cool! Being a natural work team --telephone customer service-- it just lead into a great debrief. I love this game, thanks again for contributing to our success."

Jeff Taylor

Note - Jeff continues to use Dutchman in his trainings but we have not updated the page!

Background: Jeff Taylor of R.C. Taylor & Associates has been using The Search for the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine since 1995. With his one-time purchase cost of $2,995 (the game price in 1995) and showing ONLY the results for 1998, he shared the following NET (pre-tax) profits (shown in purple)

 # people
cost *
 net profits
 PM Corp.
 136 people
 NEN Pharm.
 100 people
 D&B Pharm.
 160 people
 40 people
 State of DEL
 30 people
 State of DEL
 30 people
 State of DEL
 90 people

Net Profit from one year of these sessions totaled $37,122

* Cost represents costs of delivery including consumables, support personnel payroll, and other un-reimbursed expenses.

In this same year, Jeff also delivered sessions to two ASTD groups as a marketing effort for his Inscape instruments and Lost Dutchman at a total direct cost of $800.

In this same year, Jeff also sold four Dutchman games to other companies, purchasing games from us at $1,500 and reselling them at $2,995. This netted $5,960 in additional profits with no cost of inventory or handling.

If you consult or train or deliver large retreats, Performance Management Company will help you develop a profit improvement program that sets you far apart from the mainstream and gives you another source of income for your efforts. You can easily link the exercise to your main programs and add this interactive, fun and memorable exercise to your course content.

You can contact Jeff Taylor directly at should this sound too unreal! These are not typical results - but Jeff also actively markets the exercise to his clients. And we are glad that this exercise adds to his product offerings and profits!

(Hey, this is 2009 and he is STILL using the game in his team building initiatives. Why not? There is still nothing that works better on helping groups focus on inter-team collaboration issues. Click here to download one article on profits and teamwork and click here to download one on interdepartmental collaboration. See our Resources Section for other articles.)

Note: This should be of special interest for retailers of the personality inventories and the profit potential of linking Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine to your preferred instruments (DiSC, MBTI and others). Jeff uses the styles instruments in combination with Dutchman to give him a unique and highly sucessful one-day seminar! We are developing a variety of other team building and personal development exercises. We have recently released other Square Wheels Games: "The Collaboration Journey 1 and 2"

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