Accessories and Supplies

As we continued to upgrade the game, the complexity of "manufacturing" and assembling the materials increased, since we were producing things on the laser and using our lamination machine. This eventually pushed us into bundling everything together in the smaller games as opposed to providing printable materials. Because of the nature of the Pro Version and its use with very large groups, we continue to provide print-your-own masters with that version.

If you have an older version of the exercise (a Last Chance Gulch version), we can "build" you the new one with colored masters, etc. An upgrade cd is available for that. (click here)

One of the really nice aspects of Dutchman is how easy it is to accessorize the game and how inexpensive it is to deliver.

For a long time, I carried a rigid felt cowboy hat for my sessions. This might mean wearing the hat from Greenville SC to Detroit to Tokyo and then on to Singapore or Hong Kong if I was doing international programs. It meant putting the hat in the overhead and occasionally having it crushed. I left one on the seat in the Singapore Airport -- a few minutes later, nobody had see it!

A much better idea is to get a crushable felt cowboy hat from us or from a catalog store. (See more on hats below)

The ONLY real consummables in the exercise are the colored Lost Dutchman Maps that one uses as game boards. These are available from Performance Management Company (us!) at $4.00 each plus shipping. We recommend you allow teams to write on the maps as a way of improving their planning and then take them back to the workplace as a reminder of the lessons learned. Team members will often all sign the posters, too! If you prefer to find a way to reuse the maps, however, some Dutchman owners have had them laminated.

Good quality straw Cowboy Hats are available from us for $4 each in small quantities. If you are ordering 144 (12 dozen), you may choose to purchase them from other suppliers.

We also sell some very nice hats that we get directly from the manufacturer in moderate quantities. These are the kind that you will pay upwards of $50 for in the cowboy hat stores.

(click on the image to enlarge and to see more descriptive information)

straw hat white straw hat black crushable hat brown crushable hat brown leather hat

Multi-colored bandannas are best found from us. Believe me, we have looked all over for them. We buy them in bulk and they are beautiful! They are available from us for $2 each and they are wonderfully patterned and quite lovely.

Not much else to say about the game -- please call if you have any questions. We have sold this simulation all over the world and people report great success. It is fun, easy to deliver and powerful, all of which make it hit with purchasers and participants alike! Please contact Joan or Scott if you have any questions.


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