Success! The Dutchman game delivery for my client went very well, especially for my first delivery. We had 5 teams of 5-6 people. And I trained their assistant in 20 minutes to assist as Provisioner, so it was very easy to facilitate the mechanics. I kept the debrief short and focused only on points relevant to their situation so they stayed tuned in when the energy of the game was over.

I was so pleased to receive so many compliments! The biggest one was that people were still talking about the game in the evening. They also said that the messages I delivered in the debriefing were right on and helped them to think about solutions to their business issues, which is due to the wonderful prepping and support materials you provided......

The cd is well organized and has everything we need. We printed all the materials and laminated them, purchased play dollars from The Party Store for 50 cents, and used Hershey's gold-wrapped almond kisses for gold--wrappers do not count for gold, so they had to wait until the game was over before eating them.

Thank you, Scott, for your creative team building tool and your generous support.

Susan Hamley
The Hamley Group - "Your Event Department" -- 612-551-1110

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