Some information about recent upgrades to
The Search for The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine

If you have an older edition of the simulation, more than 8 years old where teams start at Last Chance Gulch, you may find the new enhancements to Dutchman to be of value. The exercise has continued to evolve and a number of delivery options have been added on a fairly continuous basis.

It's funny. A friend returned one of the games he had been sitting on for a couple of years. Unpacking it, we realized, with surprise, that the only things that were current to what we are shipping these days were the felt-tip markers, the watercolor markers, the sample paperless teampack and the bandanna. The carrying case has been replaced with a much nicer and more usable one. The cardboard cards replaced with plastic-coated colored cards. The new digital countdown timer watch is upscaled. The Weather transparencies are new and nicer. We've upscaled the paper Videos (Ski Village and Mine) and also included new plastic case inserts and masters that can be laminated for the Turbos and Cave Cards.

The old Support Binder was about an inch thinner, the Start-up Kit envelopes are now in color (with masters on the cd), and we now include samples of things like cowboy glitter, metal vehicles, sheriff's badges and other game enhancement ideas.

If you are interested in upgrading your older Dutchman exercise by purchasing a set of the new colored cards or by receiving a PowerPoint presentation of the Introduction and Weather for your Last Chance Gulch Version, please contact us.

Upgraded Cards are $100 a set.

A PowerPoint presentation of the Introduction and Weather for the Last Chance Gulch Version of the exercise is $195.

Posters of the Last Chance Gulch exercise are available for $3 each until I run out...

(none of these prices include shipping)

Contact Scott Simmerman by email

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