This page is jumping off point for a variety of training initiatives to improve the delivery of the game and support those having questions.

Download a PowerPoint version of "Getting Prepared" for the delivery of of our simulation.

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We have an "Optimizing Profit Version" of the exercise available as an add-on toolkit - an accessory to the game. It is referred to as The Assay Office Version and has a long history of use. We call it the "Optimizing Profit Performance Option" and it is available as a simple toolkit, with forms and support information. Contact me directly for more information. It is an inexpensive way to add an interesting spin on the issue of inter-team collaboration, with measurable results.

We have colored cards sets you can purchase for $100 if you have the Pro Version and we can sell you replacement cards if you have one of the smaller games. Email us if you are interested.

Thanks for your interest and your support. My 25 year run at selling Lost Dutchman continues and 2017 minus 1984 is how many years we have been in this business. I am getting too old to do the math anymore... (grin)

Scott Simmerman

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