A few people have said that it was hard for them to pin me down on presentation themes from the materials on the website and that they got a little frustrated because of the extensive content. This website at SquareWheels.com is now mostly informational.

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A few quick scenarios are given below as examples of presentation themes.

Thoughts on Change

This is the most requested presentation these days and also my favorite. Generally, 90 minutes allows for presentation, interaction, discussion, reframing, teaching facilitation of the themes and my famous Moose Joke as a tie-up concluding remark. (If you check out the Moose Joke, click "Back" on your browser to return here.

You can find a description of the Moose Joke here - http://performancemanagementcompanyblog.com/tag/the-moose-joke/

and you can find a slideshare presentation of the ideas here: http://www.slideshare.net/ScottSimmerman/the-moose-joke-scott-simmermans-best-session-closing-story

I start by showing Square Wheels One and engaging the group into a discussion of how it relates to their situation. This can be a "yell and tell" style as was done with Arthur Andersen's 400 attendees sitting in rows of chairs or it can be done as formal tabletop discussions with 6 people at each round table. For smaller groups of 36 or so, I generally allow every tabletop two minutes and then have for a selected person from each address the entire group about what they discussed and their key learning points. This process takes from 10 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the depth of discussion and interaction.

From there, I will include themes of Mud and a reframe of Mud Manager (what do the best mud managers in the organization do now to deal with the gooey mess all are in?), Missions and Visions, Caterpillars and Butterflies (about transformation and personal change / mentoring) and possibly themes of coaching and communications. There are over 300 cartoons and with extensive experience as a behavioral psychologist, manager, consultant and trainer, I'm able to bring a variety of tools and themes into the mix.

Then there will be a brief "Facilitation Skills Training" for the managers and they'll receive a transparency so that they can do this same kind of discussion (the beginning part) with their people, discussing the Square and Round Wheels and what people would like to change.

The presentation concludes with some leadership tips on Mission and Vision, communications, goals, feedback, resistance to change and similar themes as warranted by the nature of the group and the desired outcomes for the session.

Each of these interactive presentations is custom designed to some extent, even when one manager says "Do it just like you did with the other group." Goals and expectations as well as group cultures will be different and it simply makes sense to make sure the fit is optimal.

Square Wheels presentations are humorous and interactive, giving people some "ah-ha's" gained from this opportunity to step back and take a look at their "wagon."

This focus can also be supported with the Square Wheels of Managing and Leading Change Toolkit.

Thoughts on Teamwork

This is probably the other main theme of the presentation work that I do.

Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine can be done with a debrief in 3.5 hours (or Quest or Buccaneer in 3 hours), with the exercise focused on the desired outcomes for the session and the nature of the interactions observed. Focus can be on leading and motivating or we can add customer service and collaboration or a variety of other emphases. This becomes a very energizing and memorable session!

If time allows, I LOVE to do Square Wheels in a morning session for 60 to 90 minutes and break for lunch, following up with Dutchman. Since the two share wheels, mud, and some other themes about leadership, best practices, participative involvement and motivation and the like, they go together like bread and butter. I can set certain themes up in the Square Wheels parts and generate agreement as to how things should work --as in the Dutchman exercise, when what they discussed and agreed to is NOT how they behaved for the most part. So this really generates some excellent discussion.

Thoughts on Productivity

Personally, I feel that this issue is not well understood when it gets down to managing and doing the work. The front line people often do not have a good idea of the implications of their performance on profitability and customer service.

Square Wheels can be delivered as an excellent learning tool for the managers and workers. Or for the managers when delivered as a train-the-trainer with the expectation that they will go out and deliver and discuss with their people.

The Square Wheels of Managing Improved Productivity Toolkit can also support this focus.

I have extensively presented on themes of leadership, customer service / dis-un-empowerment (click here), personal growth and development, quality and other subjects. Each of these presentations would be customized for the specific goals and objectives.

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