The Dish Network -- or,

Don't do the dishes!

Note - recently, we've had some continued glitches but some solid responsiveness from Dish Network management. It seems like they are trying to get their act together but budgets and some problems "from the top" are preventing them from being very solid in service. As we've noted many times before, it is NOT the people trying to do the job but the systems and processes and leadership that seem to be the major problem.

One of those technological marvels and one of those horrible service stories. You hook up your TV and get lots of stations.

And Adding services - NO Problem. They will take your money.

But getting rid of the services that you find poor - No Way!

Last year, mostly for college basketball season, I signed up for their Big Deal Sports Package and got about 20 sports channels from all over the US.

But after basketball season, the nature of the programming changed a lot -- and not in my favor. Seems like most of the channels most of the time either carried the same Boxing channels (some more delayed than others - good trick to bet your son on the outcome of a boxing match when you already saw the end of it on another channel an hour ago but not much good otherwise).

Dish also carried stuff like Professional Ice Hockey and Professional Basketball and all that -- funny, though, since the channels listed almost always gave a block to your shot. The access to them was restricted so you could not watch them.

Not such a good deal in the Summer. Most don't work.

Mostly, now, they seem like they are all Professional Baseball Channels on the FOX network and all of them seem blocked most of the time. Plus Boxing, but who wants to watch that for more than a few minutes -- I am NOT that much of a Sports Fan.

Being that it was not a high priority, I called today to get the service removed. Interesting, they have 5 different possibilities on their call answering systems but none had to do with delisting. You could get all sorts of marketing info or sales pitches but I had to get to Billing to find a human voice to help and then only after listening to their automated pitches on automatic payment and other stuff.

Eventually, I get a human. She asks me for the telephone number. With 5 lines, I suggested a name search. She couldn't find it. I suggested a zipcode search, since my 9-digit code is unique to my house but the system couldn't do that. I eventually gave her my complete mailing address and after a minute or so, she found me.\

Now I find out that this is billed annually and that I would have to call in November or January to get it removed.

I ask if I can put a note in their system to have this done automatically and she said I would have to remember to call back.

There was no other solution and this was a completely inflexible deal. Nothing could be done (and frankly, I didn't want to spend the time complaining up into the system.

Personally, I find it hard to believe that they could do this so poorly.


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