Exercise on Handling Change

Fold the fingers of both hands together. Note how your fingers are folded and then interlock them the other / opposite way so that the fingers and thumbs interlock differently. How does that feel? Most people find it awkward or uncomfortable.

Now, fold your arms. Look how they are folded, and then fold them the other way. Feel out of control, disoriented, or uncomfortable? Most people do.

But when you cross your legs and then recross them, that doesn't feel bad at all. For most people, it feels quite comfortable.

The reason the latter is comfortable and the first two aren't is practice.

Most of us aren't used to folding our fingers or arms a different way and thus find it uncomfortable doing things differently the first time.


Isn't this like dis-un-empowerment? Don't people resist change because of issues of comfort? But also recognize that if you are never uncomfortable, you are never doing anything differently.

Empowered people develop an acceptance of discomfort as a natural part of growth. They are much less frightened by it because they experience it so much more in daily existence. By understanding this basic issue related to personal change, we are getting at a basic issue of empowering people to improve service.

By using stories, visuals, discussions and positive examples, you make the perceived future less uncomfortable.


For the FUN of It!


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