(I am still open to doing something like this. We have done calendars with great success.)

To speed my use of these cards, I constructed a Master Card complete with all of my account information. All I do is fill in the name of the receiver, their email address and I can jump right into the ideas for improvement.

If you anticipate sending a number of these cards, you can do the same (there is also a feature in some browsers that allows them to learn what information to put in certain fields and it will do it automatically -- I use an older browser). We can do this for a minimal cost and give you password access to a Master Card that will allow faster and easier use.

For a mimimal cost, we can develop a database system and an in-house version of this Suggestion Card System that can use our images or ones of your own design and take advantage of our database and its capabilities. We can build a keyword-based system that defaults to your company's email address and makes completion of the mailing, recipient address and Square Wheels and Round Wheels much easier and faster.

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