Here's what the receiver gets when they send a card with your suggestions and ideas for improvement

The Square Wheels Opportunity Announcement Card

Square Wheels One

This cartoon has been viewed by tens of thousands of people worldwide as a model for
organizational improvement. Leaders get isolated. Pushers can't see. The organization
thumps on Square Wheels which do work!

And the Round Wheel ideas for improvement often get ignored.

So here is what one of your wagon pushers had to say about these issues and opportunities:

Some Square Wheels: (Your problem or improvement opportunity here)

Sample: When we hand off the paperwork to the accounting department, we do not get a confirmation that the invoice for the received goods has been paid but the customer has our phone number so they call us -- then we have to pass them over to accounting and they often get voice mail. This results in the customer being upset with us and it negatively influences our perceived customer service.

Some Round Wheel Ideas: (Your solution here)

Sample: If ALL of our payables are sent to Julie, it would be easy for her to keep track of them and give us only one person to talk to about problems. We could also show a "call Julie" telephone number on our correspondence so that the customer knew who to call when they had a problem. It would take us out of the loop and they could deal with accounting directly. It would improve how they view our department.

This Round Wheel from: (Your Name Here)    (Your email address here)

or anonymous if you so desire

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