Square Wheels® Suggestion Card

(Well, this never took off, but it seemed like a good idea at the time!)

The Square Wheels Suggestion Card has been added so that anyone can send a positive message for improvement and change. You will find it simple to create a Square Wheels message about a performance improvement opportunity and make suggestions for Round Wheel improvements. Your note can go to anyone with an email address and a browser.

The Card is easily copied to others.

And can be sent anonymously if that would be of benefit and make sense.

Your receiver(s) will see your suggestion as well as the Square Wheels illustration -- hopefully as a "Call to Action." All you'll need are an idea and an email address!

You can also use this as an organizational improvement system by letting others know about this free communications tool. A Thought on Customizing

Click here to see a sample card

This is a FREE service of Performance Management Company.

This is also NEW -- Thus your comments and suggestions about how to maximize the effectiveness will be most welcome.

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For the FUN of It!


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