The Search for The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine

This is a powerful team building game that can be delivered to groups ranging from 8 to more than 600. (One client ran a session of 980 people.) It is interactive, engaging and fun but is a great teaching and learning game for team building and other topics. It also links to many different key themes of organizational improvement, leadership and collaboration.

The setting is modern-day Southwestern United States in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona, making it easy to accessorize for large conference gatherings. The main theme is Mining Gold, which has applications to profit and productivity improvement.

The exercise focuses on collaboration as its main outcome. It also links to issues of quality, leadership, systems, communications and a variety of other organizational issues.

Team size is 5 or 6 people and there is no limit to the number of participants.

We've successfully delivered sessions for:

-- groups of 8 and groups of 600

-- 11-year olds at a YMCA to the very most senior managers at multinational corporations

-- shopfloor personnel in manufacturing plants to executive secretaries at international conferences

-- systems programmers to project managers and bank employees

-- equipment sales people to church members

It's outstanding for a highly interactive morning or afternoon event. In 3.5 to 4 hours, the group gets to play and then fully debrief the event and discuss real opportunities for improvement. It functions very well as a full-day conference within a conference or as a specific training event on team building, leadership and collaboration.

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Learning Applications

Dutchman is a great way for teams to experience issues of communication, resource management and team dynamics common to the workplace. During debriefing, team behaviors are linked to opportunities to improve collaboration, leadership, teamwork and communications critical to optimizing results. Participative, visual and interactive, it produces an excellent learning environment in a high-impact and memorable way.

Benefits include:

Applications include:

Extraordinarily useful as an anchor point for multiple day retreats and for week-long management development programs, it presents an assortment of metaphors that can be easily linked to critical organizational objectives of team work, quality, leadership, missions and alignment and many other issues facing organizations today.

People play a game and then learn through a facilitated discussion about motivation, leadership, collaboration, communications, systems, resource management, problem analysis, competition and other factors that relate closely to their behavior.

It is an action learning paradigm that is engaging, entertaining and practical. It is also interesting and fun to deliver and observe.

A partial (and older) list of our diverse clients includes:


 Andersen Consulting

 American Airlines

Georgia Hospital Association

Robin Restall (Venezuela)

Ralston Purina

 Rennaisance Strategies

Rowan Cabarrus Community College

OUM Associates

R. C. Taylor Associates


DBS Land (Singapore)

 Advantage Plus Group

 AGFA Division
of Bayer

 Alan Welch & Associates


 Asian Institute of Management
(The Philippines)

 BI Technologies

 Burlington Industries

 First Union Banking Corporation


 Hongkong Bank

 Duty Free Shoppers

Hilton Head Hospital

Isothermal Community College


 Inchcape Pacific

 Emerson Electric

Sacramento School District

Burson Marsteller (Singapore)


 Old Kent Bank

 Hong Kong Education Department

 Fluor Daniel



 J. Walter Thompson

 Jardine Pacific

 Walsh College



 National Productivity Institute (Pretoria)

 Kiawah Island Resort




 Self Hospital (SC)

 Univ. of Wisconsin

 Tetra/Second Nature

Singapore Education Ministry


Thomson Consumer Electronics

 Thermo Industries

 Success Sciences

University of South Carolina

 Triad Consulting

University of Michigan

 Xircom (Malaysia)

Michaels McVinney

 Intellectual Capital Group

Quest Learning (Malaysia)

Quest Consulting (Hong Kong)

Retirement Management Corp.

Northland Baptist Bible College

National Productivity Institute of South Africa

Pitt County Hospital

Harris Memorial Hospital

MADRAS and Company Consultants

Hong Kong Education Ministry

Arkansas School Principal Leadership Academy

and hundreds of others throughout the world. We have a large network of consultants and associates able to deliver the simulation, worldwide. Click here to see a listing of some of our international consultant owners

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click here for information on how it plays

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