A few of our 100s of testimonials about Dutchman's effectiveness:

"The lessons Lost Dutchman taught about the value of cooperation will be of tremendous benefit to our participants... I thank you for the excellent quality of your presentation and for the worthwhile results."

Ann Yancey, Director, Leadership South Carolina

"The Lost Dutchman game is dynamite. The game is eloquently designed -- simple and quick to play yet packed with explosive power. The Lost Dutchman is unquestionably the best training game I have ever seen for teaching teamwork. In the written evaluations, over 80% of participants stated we should use it with other groups in the hospital. This is quite an endorsement of your creation."

Sam Tolbert, Director of Planning, Self Memorial Hospital

""When you need to discover what needs to be done for improvement, I suggest people start with The Dutchman. An outstanding exercise."

Karl Closs, Chad's Ford, PA

This is not just a game. Our opening to Applebee University proved to be an enlightening experience, more than we expected from a game. Your astute guidance and keen insight made our Sunday evening opening a true hit. Best of luck with The Lost Dutchman and my unqualified recommendation goes out to any organization."

Matt Carpenter, Executive Director of Training, Applebee's

"Best of all, the learnings from (the exercise) are easily transferred to the workplace ­ in short, the simulation is value-added to the bottom line."

Robert Staub, Staub - Peterson

"I just returned from doing three Lost Dutchman simulations for the Emergency Room at St. Paul Hospital in Dallas. Rave reviews (as you would expect). The outcomes had the people exhibiting hugging, frank dialogue, and tears."

I have used the Lost Dutchman numerous times within the Harris Methodist system and it worked magnificently. The simulation is applicable to both hospital and health plan situations and stimulates lots of open discussion and effective action planning. It's my personal learning simulation of choice!

Nic Stevens, Harris Methodist Hospital System - nicstevens@hmhs.com

"It's easy to facilitate and the insights gained are significant. This is the perfect retreat exercise that stimulates self insight and broader thinking while helping to break down the barriers to collaboration."

Denise Voncannon, University Medical Center - 919-816-4961

"Whenever I need a truly bombproof and useful exercise to demonstrate the power of collaboration and teamwork, I pull out Lost Dutchman. We've been using it for years, doing about a session a month with truly marvelous results. Thank you, Scott, for a great program,.

Jeff Taylor, RCTaylor Associates, Chad's Ford, PA - 610-558-9200

"The Lost Dutchman exercise is a proven, consistent winner with my clients. I've used it in dozens of organizations for more than 3 years, from community colleges to Fortune 50's, and it has always been a huge success. Thank you, Dr. Simmerman."

Mike Robinson, Triad Training, Greensboro, NC

"... A gold mine of team development and training ideas. With just a few hours of preparation, you helped me look like an old pro at leading the game."

James McCammon, Isothermal College

"Several people saw the mistakes coming but still made them. A marvelous learning and bonding for a new company formed out of 3 old ones. "

Robin Restall, J. Walter Thompson

"Dutchman has provided a wonderful platform to build learning experiences for my various clients, who range in age from 10 to 75. It is an affordable game that requires no additional site licensing, which frees me up to modify and adapt the game each time based on client needs. Its message of collaboration is a timeless reminder of the opportunities that are available to us each day as we interact with the people in our lives."

Rick Anderson, Vice President, OUM & Associates

NOBODY asks the Expedition Leader for help or advice. Not only that, when I asked why no one asked me for help, assistance or advice, one woman said, "Well, we didn't trust you!"

Scott, thanks for a GREAT training vehicle in the Lost Dutchman.

I finished up a college course at a local university by having the "teams" play the Dutchmen. All the students are working adults in an evening degree completion program. The business course covered Working Teams and Relationships. The Dutchman was the "capstone" exercise near the end of the course. They loved it.... they "blew" it... they had some profound learning in the debrief. Nearly all of them plan to write their final exam (a take home) on the lessons they learned in the mountains.

We did the exercise on a Monday evening and the debrief on Wednesday. I was surprised at how well they held onto the experience during the two day break.

Thanks again...I am a Dutchman fan. We are starting to use it in the company next month.

Bob Strange, San Antonio Water System

In fact, we ran Dutchman today, with all needed supplies and copying done, and it worked quite well. As you know, anything complex and worthwhile takes a couple of runs before one knows where and how to tweak it to get the effects one wants, but as a tryout it was very successful.

David Hagen, ( dfhagen@ibm.net ) writing about a game he ran in Istanbul never having seen the simulation actually played - literally right out of the box!

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