Square Wheels provides the trainer with the opportunity to modify, adjust, adapt and then adopt the concepts for their own training needs. I recommend it.

Bob Pike, CSP and Author, The Creative Training Techniques Handbook.

Square Wheels has been easy to understand and has paved the way for my associates to share their ideas for continuous improvement and quality. Square Wheels has also helped my company begin to take down the barriers to effective communication, not to mention it is fun!

Ryan Hendley, CEO, IH Services

In our 4-year journey with Total Quality, I have not found a training product as unique, easy-to-use and simple yet powerful in its delivery of many of the lessons in continuous improvement as Square Wheels.

Jay Wenberg, Training Manager, Lorillard

I have been a great fan of yours. Your approach is one of the greatest breakthroughs in training that I have seen for such a long time. Wonderful elegance, interactivity, and sharing. Your approach is totally compatible with my desired approach to training.

Thiagi (thiagi@thiagi.com) - www.thiagi.com

Using the cartoons, I was able to express what tends to be a very emotional message in such a way that everyone understood and became willing to participate in a problem-solving discussion. By the end of the session, the entire group was communicating and moving in the same direction with common goals.

Loren Stauffer, Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority

I've enthusiastically recommended Square Wheels to several of my colleagues and will continue to do so!

Randy Ransleben, Ransleben Consulting

I can tell you in a word, it was a HIT!

Margo Patrick, T & D Manager, W.H. Smith Group

Square Wheels is an excellent tool, with well-written text, great visuals and a must for any company or individual who is serious about change and making improvements!

Nic Stevens, Harris Methodist Hospital System - nicstevens@hmhs.com

The session... was a tremendous success and I can formally thank you on behalf of all 50 people who attended. The feedback has been excellent and the demand is for more.

David Crookes, Senior Advisor, Vocational Training Council of Hong Kong

Whenever we can produce belly laughter, profound learning, and bottom-line results in the same round, it is a special experience that will not be forgotten.

Dr. Joe Marshall, Resource Management of Boston

In fact, a number of GMs have told me that it is the first time ever they have been given such a tool to use back at the hotel. They have been asking for some time for a tool they could take back to enhance a teambuilding effort. This really appears to be it.

Bill Ernest, Market Director, Marriott

Got the info Monday - absolutely brilliant. I did a new staff induction on Monday and ended up with fifteen minutes to kill whilst waiting for the service manager to introduce herself so I got out the overhead of Square Wheels. No preparation - very little introduction - very little explanation. I put it on the projector and simply said - "What do you see happening here?"

I was amazed by the amount of discussion it actually generated and was sorry that we had to cut it short. Ten out of ten.

Gordon Pownall

Participants felt that the Square Wheels illustrations were useful and thought-provoking, yet entertaining and fun. What has been most heartening is that teams have been energized to be proactive in spreading the quality management word.

Ray Morgan, Executive Vice President, Hongkong Bank

I have utilized the Square Wheels concept with several of our clients as a way to start discussions with a fun and powerful metaphor that really speaks to their experiences.

Gregg Baron, President, Success Sciences

Its use of simple, but creative drawings and metaphors invite learner participation, involvement, and feedback. You start by showing a drawing of some people pushing and pulling a wagon with Square Wheels. You make a few comments about it. This humorous and engaging drawing is guaranteed to break the ice by starting a lively discussion about how things are done within the organization. By following up with the other drawings, you guide the discussion through a number of subjects such as motivation, teamwork, change, leadership, and continuous improvement.

If you are implementing any Organization Development project, then you definitely need Square Wheels to bring out the best in your organization!

Don Clark

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