Who is Scott Simmerman?

Dr. Scott Simmerman, Managing Partner of Performance Management Company, is a consistently top-rated international presenter on organizational effectiveness issues. If you are in need of a fast paced, interactive session where people leave with ideas and the ability to do something differently, give Scott a call. Presentations are inexpensive, and he is not a talking head!

Using his extensive series of Square Wheels cartoons or his team building simulation, The Search for The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine, Scott engages audiences while communicating key points and desired themes in a most memorable way. Presentations are interactive, entertaining, practical and very highly-rated by diverse audiences worldwide. Sessions can be one hour to multiple days and learning outcomes can be easily targeted to your specific goals and objectives.

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Scott has been presenting new ideas to management on performance improvement for over 20 years, engaging audiences worldwide on capitalizing on human potential to impact long-term performance improvement and profitability. He combines a bottom-line viewpoint with a strong focus on maximizing human capital. Reactions to his themes and ideas are strongly positive even though they are often provocative.

Since he started sharing Square Wheels, a cartoon about how organizations really work, he's delivered workshops, retreats and seminars in South Africa, Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, The Philippines, Saudi Arabia, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Mexico, Canada and other places.

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Scott was born in New Jersey in 1948 and attended Allegheny College (Meadville, PA), got a Master's Degree from Iowa State University and completed his doctorate in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He remains a most avid Tar Heel fan!

In 1978, after teaching two years at Furman University, he consulted with Edward J. Feeney Associates for three years, working with client organizations including First Chicago, Bell of Pennsylvania, Borden's and a very diverse group of other organizations. Since that time, he has taught courses for a number of other universities as well as attending hundreds of presentations at conferences and educational institutions as well as maintaining an active training and consulting business.

Scott and Joan, his wife, moved to Los Angeles in early 1981, taking a position as internal consultant and human resources manager for The Home Silk Shops, a chain of retail fabric stores and where he became quite active in the training community. At the end of this consulting project, he was hired as Senior Vice President of Operations for The Wherehouse, a large chain of music / video stores based in Los Angeles with operations in 6 states.

In 1984, Scott and Joan moved back to Greenville, SC to start Performance Management Company and focus on service quality improvement. Current business development has expanded into the publishing and distribution business and they now actively support a large network of consultants and trainers worldwide.

They are successfully operating a two-person global company and developing a virtual business philosophy that allows for travel, impact, touring and entertainment.

Detailed information about Square Wheels toolkits for organizational development, articles and other information is found throughout this website and the blogs.

Contact Scott Simmerman for a question or more information at Scott@SquareWheels.com

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