Where has Scott presented?

A sampling of diverse programs and presentations include:

* Post-Conference Workshop leader at University of North Texas' "Strategies and Skills Conference for Effective Teaming delivered in Dallas on February 18, 1999.

* Plenary session presentation entitled "Organizational Productivity Improvement Strategies" delivered at "The Global Challenge: Competitiveness and Development Through Productivity," the 8th conference of the International Productivity Symposium. Pretoria, South Africa, October 1998.

* Workshop entitled "Teaching the Caterpillar to Fly" presented at the Commonwealth Convention of Organizational Excellence. Pretoria, South Africa, October 1998.

* Series of seminars entitled, "Teaching the Caterpillar to Fly" sponsored by the US Information Service, the Mauritius Employers Federation and the Mauritius Sugar Industry Research Institute for organizations in the Republic of Mauritius and throughout Africa. October, 1998.

* Closing Keynote presentation at the North Carolina State University's 4th Annual Conference on High Performance Work Teams in Raleigh in November, 1998 - "Square Wheels; Teaching the Caterpillar to Fly."

* Top-rated presenter at the University of North Texas 9th Annual International Conference on Work Teams - Dallas, Texas -- September 1998. Invited back to lead a full-day Post-Conference Workshop at their February Work Teams Conference.

* Highly-rated program at Training '98, an international conference for training managers and other professionals. Invited back for 1999.

* Presenter at leadership and sales conferences for organizations like Bell South Telecommunications, Lucent Technologies, Boston Markets, National Wholesale Druggists Association, Duty Free Shoppes, Hong Kong Civil Service, Michelin, AT&T, Ryobi, Denny's, Real Log Homes, and a diverse group of other organizations.

* Top-Rated presenter at 1997 Association for Quality and Participation international conference, where program was selected "Best of the Best" Delivered top-rated presentation at the 1998 conference with Mike Robinson.

* Invited workshop presenter for the 1998 North Texas State University Center for the Study of Work Teams annual conference.Invited presenter for the North Carolina State University First Annual High Performance Teams Conference.

* Keynote speaker for the World Congress of Productivity Science in Johannesburg and top-rated sessions at the HRD Asia '96 conference in Singapore as well as top-rated presenter at the 1996 North Carolina Quality Conference. Invited to keynote the World Congress of Productivity conference in 1998 in Pretoria, combined with a country-wide 2 week presentation tour.

* One of only a few "outside" presenters at the past three Creative Training Techniques conferences for Bob Pike's organization who use and sell his materials.

* Presenter at the Pegasus 1997 Systems Thinking in Action international conference. Outstanding comments from participants.

* Top-rated presenter at the High Performance Teams Conference sponsored by Clemson University and judged "one of the highest-rated presentations in its 10-year history" by conference organizers.

* Top-rated presenter at the 1996 ASTD International Conference, presenting at the past 9 conferences on subjects of quality, managing change, leadership, Neurolinguistics, and personal growth.

* Invited presenter for a full-day pre-conference workshop at the 1995 ASTD Technical Skills Conference in Philadelphia and previous international conferences.

* Keynote speeches and programs to organizations such as Travelers Insurance, Time / system (Denmark), Emerson Electric, Edward Keller (Hong Kong), First National Bank of Chicago, Hong Kong Civil Service, Danish Government Training Center, National Glass Association, Institute of Management Accountants, North Carolina Government, Mississippi Education Department, and associations including a variety of ASQ and ASTD local and regional conferences.

* Pre-Conference Workshops on service quality management for Singapore Institute of Management. Regular presenter at HRD-Asia and Quality-Asia conferences sponsored by SIM.

* Consistently a top-rated speaker at the Carolinas Society for Training and Development and Carolinas Society for Healthcare Education and Training regional conferences on empowerment, service quality, and team-building and creativity. Invited closing presenter for the Carolinas Advanced Trainers Institutes for the past 6 years (sponsored by CSTD and Clemson University).

* Invited guest speaker on South African National TV and talk radio and US business radio.

* Presenter at numerous other conferences and public seminars in Hong Kong, South Africa, Singapore, The Philippines, Sweden, Denmark, Mexico, Macau, Belgium, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Scott has also delivered a wide variety of seminars and workshops in collaboration with consultants and training organizations worldwide as well as with a number of colleges and universities.

He has also authored more than 235 papers and articles that have appeared in worldwide publications. Collaborative consulting relationships are firmly established with more than three dozen organizations worldwide. References can be provided.

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