Dutchman as a Profit Center for Consultants!

Purchase the complete Professional Edition for $9,995 (US dollars) plus shipping costs. As with any purchase of this amount, you would want to be sure that there is value in your investment. Unlike products from many other organizations,

This is a one-time cost.

With the exception of colored poster maps for $4.00 each, you do not have to purchase any additional materials to run thousands of people through your simulation!

The Pro Version is one that you can use with ANY size group. A group of 6 works great as does a group of 600!

And with our smaller group versions (LD3, 4 and LD6), you can minimize your investment. You can rent the game from us if you think you will have only a one-time use. This is a good way to deliver a high impact exercise for a single event with a minimal investment. 

People say we should charge annual fees and per-participant costs for this exercise. However, from having had personal experience with those profitability models, we feel they don't often give you much flexibility, they create frustrations and hassles and we would absolutely need to hire an accounting department and a legal department to make sure people fulfill their contracts. That is NOT my model of the world! I want to build a worldwide distribution channel among consultants for this and many other products and not generate adversarial relationships. Just ask any of our consultant users of Dutchman as to how nicely this approach works for them!

Thus, we enjoy selling a GREAT exercise at a price that makes both the purchaser and us money. Maintaining strong, positive relationships with our clients while maintaining a low-overhead business is essential to us.

The long-term value of the game comes from its pricing model, its flexible design and its impacts. There are minimal expenses for delivery and no per-participant fees unless you want to price it that way. Some people, like Jeff Taylor, do that (see a link to more information below). Then again, he adds a lot of his own material to the presentation, making his add-on costs of added value to the client. Our consultant users find they recoup their costs back rather quickly and turn our game into a brand name product that clients really like!



A survey of consultant-users of Dutchman was done years ago. It indicated that their first year average return on their investment in The Search for The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine was about 700%!

One consultant delivered the game for about 180 people and generated a single event fee in excess of $30,000! (This was not included in our ROI because a couple of factors - mostly because it skewed the data too high. Another consultant who regularly does BIG events did not share his figures, in part because he works with a competitive game vendor and did not want them to see what he was able to do with our game -- faster, better, cheaper!)

Dutchman is well-known as an effective tool. It is an internationally-recognized Brand Name Product and reviews are consistently excellent from clients experiencing the game as well as with trainers and consultants.

With the minimal costs of producing materials for play, costs of delivery are quite low. Delivering a workshop is mostly profit for the consultant and you make the purchasing costs quickly. Because you are not paying us any per-person or per-session commissions, you dramatically reduce your downside.

You can deliver a game for 35 people, outfitting them with hats and bandannas, and charge a pittance (let's say $600) and you still make $450 after the costs of delivery materials! If you are an internal trainer, you pay about $4 per person for materials and accessories and participants leave with a hat and a colorful bandanna! There are no additional fees to pay once you own the simulation.

We've had people using the exercise for many years - original purchasers back in 1993 are still using it. Sometimes, it works so well for them that they even resist using our updates, preferring their "old reliable" presentation materials! (You know who you are!)

Dutchman is ideal for retreats, single-day team building events, sales meetings and company conferences.

With the Professional Edition, you can deliver a game for 100 people and do it with 3 of the client's managers or trainers without any additional staffing costs. The instructional design makes it easy for other people to understand and give you delivery support with about an hour of instruction.


Here's how it can work for you (best, low-cost marketing process!):

After you get comfortable talking about the simulation through study of this website or conversations with Scott, customize one of his flyers with your company name and information or create your own flyer. You are also allowed (contact us first!) to pull off text and graphics from this website and build a good looking page of information about your delivery of the game. This gives you a stronger and more professional image to your clients and prospects and adds a whole new profit center for no up-front money.

Promote the simulation to your clients and prospects for a retreat or team building event. One of them decides to do it. Then, you rent or purchase the Pro simulation from us ($9,995 one-time cost), get prepared, and go deliver the event for them, generating a solid fee. (You can even deliver it as a train-the-trainer *). You can also link your other preferred training or OD materials and your philosophic approach to the debriefing of the simulation--the game is full of metaphors and linkages to other tools! You can make it into a multi-day session.

Granted, you've got to get up to speed but the very inclusive training support materials on the cd make this pretty simple. We do not generally do training of consultants on delivering the exercise and about half the purchasers buy it without ever having experienced it or seen it!

This one-time fee pays for most of the fees for the purchase of your simulation. All the rest is your profit.

You continue to generate business from the simulation and make additional profits. Performance Management Company gets no commissions and no royalties. But we will get additional sales of this game from referrals and general awareness and we find that people come back to us to purchase our other consulting and training products. And, you can market it as a for sale item in your catalog offerings -- we wholesale / retail the exercise and can readily offer you referrals to the people who we work with as distributors.

We know of NO other brand name product that you can purchase and deliver that offers you this level or profitability of this lack of hassle.

We can do this because you are dealing with Joan and I, not a big staff and a lot of overhead. And you can call and most often get Scott directly. (Heck, if you haven't noticed, we even do our own website!) Low overhead. Good profit margins. Global distribution.


* Wholesale / Train-the-Trainer: (note - contact us for the correct pricing information; we periodically change prices as we add things)

You can also purchase a game from us for resale to a client or another consultant. Call us with the name of the company and their address and we can drop ship to them and bill them for $9,995. We pay you when we get paid, sending you a check for $2,995. Or, we can ship it to you directly and charge you the wholesale price of $4000 for the exercise. You can then ship it to the client or carry it to them as part of a bundled delivery. If you sell it to them for $9,995 - which is our suggested retail price - you can also choose to deliver it as part of the training and still net $2,995 for a half-day program. You can also charge for customization or training them to deliver it. For very large events, we can partner with you or assist in other ways such as packaging the materials.

The only stipulations on wholesale games is that you publish our retail price of the exercise in your materials and that you purchase a game at full price from us before you start reselling. In this way, we know that you are not purchasing a game at wholesale for your general use. With the payment of the fee, you are getting a license to deliver the exercise. This becomes, in a way, your distributor's license.


Performance Management Company's marketing focus.......

Our long-term game plan includes a virtual company comprised of two people, Joan and Scott, selling The Search for The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine, Seven Seas Quest, Military Might, Collaboration Journey, Innovate & Implement, The Mardi Gras Parade and many different Square Wheels products globally. We are slowly moving toward electronic distribution of our illustrations and presentation materials and continuing to expand our reach.

We've already got collaborative re-manufacturing and distribution arrangements in place in many places and we are building a great network of users. We have a number of locally developed non-English translations developed in collaboration with others, such as our work with SRI in Japan to develop Zipangu and our work with Michael Nelson in China with the Silk Road Adventure.

By building a loose-knit global network of users to market and publicize the games and books, we keep our marketing costs to a minimum. And by providing a high-value product, other consultants as well as their client firms hear about our products. By not having complicated licensing arrangements and with a widespread distribution network, we keep our operating costs at a minimum and get exceptional free exposure.

Maintaining a distribution network HAPPY with our working relationship, we keep our "hassle" costs at a minimum. This is a better way to build a long-term, easy-to-operate business.

Collaboration is working. We do a lot of repeat business, maintain a supportive network, and sell a lot of exercises through referrals. 

 Good products, minimal overhead gives high-impact and minimal costs. The result is high value to a diverse network of end users -- something we see as a distinct long-term competitive edge!