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The Managing Workplace Roadblocks Toolkit is a straightforward, flexible and easy to facilitate set of communications tools for involving and engaging people in discussing the common things that impede performance and finding better solutions to them.


Peer support for workplace improvement is a great approach to generate dis-un-empowerment, the removal of those things that are perceived to block results. Most roadblocks can be readily managed if people see them clearly and design optimizing strategies and collaboration.


Facilitating with this simple process generates teamwork naturally and allows the average performers to receive support from the better performers who can offer to share the “tricks” they use in overcoming workplace roadblocks.


The approach is simple:

  • Have people work together to generate a list of perceived roadblocks
  • Share a model for best strategies to deal with different types or roadblocks
  • Engage teams in designing and implementing specific solutions for the manageable ones


We've recently upgraded the toolkit to use LEGO scenes to add some color and allow more play around these issues and opportunities. This is a complete toolkit, with worksheets and instructional ideas, along with PowerPoint slides to use in a presentation.

Supervisors, managers, trainers and consultants will find this Toolkit quite valuable and it comes with a one-time fee for a license to use the materials repeatedly.


The Managing Workplace Roadblocks Toolkit is immediately downloadable and contains:

  • Instructional Materials and Overview
  • The Workplace Roadblocks Model
  • Presentation PowerPoint
  • Participant Worksheets and Handout
  • Supporting PowerPoint and SlideShare Files


-Downloadable Upon Purchase Completion

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