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Performance Management Company has been designing and selling its Team Building Games and Exercises for more than 20 years. They have been used in global settings by all kinds of corporations and organizations, trainers and consultants.


All games are offered at a one-time cost with no per participant fees and we guarantee your satisfaction or your money back!


The Search for The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine

  • A tabletop simulation set in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona

  • Plays with any number of participants from 8 to 600+

  • Four Versions of the game are sold based on total number of players

  • Dutchman may be rented for a one-time use in the USA and Canada

  • Purchase includes all the materials needed for a successful play and outcome

  • Plays in 2 hours with an additional 90 minute debriefing time suggested (extensive debriefing materials included)

  • Incorporates themes of collaboration, strategic planning, project management, motivation, leadership, performance and teamwork 


The Collaboration Journey Challenge

  • Tables of 3 to 6 players plan and execute moving their wagons through a series of constraints

  • No limit to number of Tables playing simultaneously

  • Evolved from our series of Square Wheels® illustrations that depict how individuals really work together to impact productivity and performance

  • Structure of the game allows collaboration and planning to optimize results

  • This journey takes about 60-90 minutes to introduce, play and debrief

  • Materials include a full debriefing package of slides and ideas, poster game boards, table-top sets for play

  • Two Versions of the game are included, CJC-Simple and CJC-Complex

Innovate & Implement

  • A board game with no limits to number of players

  • Players use dice to move about the game board uncovering different problems, each requiring a solution

  • Solving of problems requires an understanding of the processes for movement of resources

  • Involves quick thinking, collaboration and some luck

  • Debriefing focuses on the real issues faced in getting things changed

Square Wheels® Tools

Using the Power of Images and Metaphors for Facilitating Improvements, Engagement and Motivation


Who doesn't find active engagement to be more appealing than simply listening to a presentation or falling asleep to a powerpoint show?


What are Square Wheels and why should you and your people play with them? 


Square Wheels are things that do not work smoothly. And these Square Wheels are everywhere! By playing with the images, metaphors and basic ideas, you can involve and engage people in discussing what they perceive as issues and opportunities. As a corollary, though, the Round Wheels already exist, they are simply not yet identified or implemented.


The metaphor is represented by a series of images that are used to quickly involve people in discussions of issues and opportunities and change the language of performance to address the things that do not work and the possibilities for improvement.


In 1993, we introduced Square Wheels One, a black and white line art illustration used to represent, "How most organizations really work." 


This main illustration was soon followed by other Square Wheels illustrations and we began selling small sets of the illustrations as facilitation tools, worldwide. Today, Square Wheels have evolved from those original line-art illustrations to colorful scenes using Lego. We have found that the Square Wheels Lego images can be more expressive and flexible in representing various organizational development themes and they can be readily linked or embedded into a wide variety of different training paradigms and team building exercises.

Why use Square Wheels? Cartoons and Images are known to quickly engage people and inspire communications and that is the power of facilitating a session around this framework. They are very memorable as well as interactive. After all, what could be simpler than showing the Square Wheels One image (below) to a group of people and having them share their thoughts and ideas about how this scene represents what happens in organizations?






People quickly spin things around and start to examine their own workplaces, leading to a sharing of different perspectives and ideas for improvements. You quickly generate collaborative engagement and the momentum to do things differently. 


Who uses Square Wheels? Supervisors and managers will find that they will more effectively engage their people, teams or work group when they use Square Wheels because the images will get people thinking about their workplace and how things really work, thus, creating active involvement and a sense of ownership and empowerment.

How do I get started? By purchasing the Stupidly Simple Square Wheels Facilitation Toolkit you will receive everything needed for a successful facilitation using the Square Wheels One image. Included are PowerPoint slides, PDF-based handouts and instructions, and ideas for facilitating a powerful session.


If you are new to presenting or would like to better improve your facilitation skills, The Square Wheels Project is an optional high-impact online training program that provides general facilitation skills training for any discussion. 


Consider the many benefits for using Square Wheels images to focus on the simple reality that many systems and processes could operate more smoothly or more effectively in every workplace and that there is a benefit in having people actively involved in sharing ideas for collaborative performance improvement. Communications about workplace practices, process improvement, and change are often difficult because of fear or a perception of criticism. However, by facilitating a session that gives participants a chance to "step back from the wagon" and gain important perspective that generates reactions, thoughts and ideas from Square Wheels images, this will help create better ways to accomplish things! #morebetterfaster!


Square Wheels images are easy to use! They initiate dialogue allowing opportunities for discovery. They are also inexpensive and quite flexible in application. And we absolutely guarantee your satisfaction!







How Do You Motivate Improvement? One Solution Is To Engage And Involve.

Square Wheels images are used for creativity, team building and communications. An excellent tool for supervisors and managers to use for facilitating discussions with employees around ideas for improvement and innovations and changing the status quo. Proven to be engaging, motivating and effective.

Read more or contact us if you would like to chat about possibilities. 

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